Sunday, May 31, 2009

1/6/09, Boredboredboredbored

huuuuhhhh i can't believe the laptop's not here. the other time i was at home and my brother brought the laptop to the office. now i'm at the office and it's not here. kyaaa


Seriously, my whole life i couldn't surf the net freely and comfortably at home. it always has to be, 'Later, when its dark and no one uses the phone' or 'You just used it yesterday' or 'the office is busy-better not be there' and so on... T_T

Anyway, i just got back (not exactly home) from choir practice. yes, apparently during the school holidays we intend to still practice, this time is because of the Musical Drama. we, the choir, are going to sing back up for all the hip-hop, rock, pop, some incredibly ridiculous songs during the whole thing. i just hope the dressing code is casual. anyway, just now, out of 23 incredible singers, 3 came. 20 skipped.

but it was fun- having a say in everything, just the three of us having fun singing and clapping to the songs. the hardest parts were the counting and clapping. i almost got it, but now waiting for the songs to come from Yan Ping (i think that's how spell her name). i can't wait until 27th June. its when the Drama will be held, and we are going to rock the house!!! xD

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  1. it's Yen Peng ^^ and you can call me Crystal it's nice of you to come Elyna I appreciate it a lot ><