Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Akim- the best of AF7!!! And the cutest boy on Malaysia

Akiq Hakim or Akim is like, cutest boy EVER on Malaysia- maybe even on the Earth! He sings and has a perfect smile. his eyes are dreamy and is believed to work out!!! He is born on 18th January 1991 (on the year of 2009, he is 18!!!) and is 176cm tall and weights 65 kg. That is SO hot.

Akademi Fantasia (Academy Fantasia) focuses on making artists for Malaysia -and if possible, the world- that can achieve any achievements (sorry, I'm still 13, not very open minded) like performing, and obviously, great vocals. Akim has great vocals and dances quite well.Eventhough his audition tape wasn't so impressing, he has improved and had showed many improvements and transformed (to AF lovers, hahhaha) from a typical kampung boy to a very matured and talented artist. He plays the guitar and comes from a not-so-fortunate family, but his talent is undeniable.

he is rumored to have an interest in another girl from AF7 (the season), Siti Aishah or more known as Aishah. she is also an 18 year old girl. But rumors say they're not together.

Akim got 3rd place in the competition, and won a few sponsor gifts and RM8000. not much, but it is quite unfair 'coz the 2nd place winner, Aril did not deserve the place since he was voted back in. he got RM 10000. Akim did better, but because of his little different amount of fans of Aril from around Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore. But, as my friend says, Akim is believe to suceed more in the more fair world.

That is it for now. Sorry, i wrote this in a very reporter-ish way (hahaha). Kehehehe Akim is so cute!!!!

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  1. He is cute ><>< but I don't know much about him though...