Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Lame D ay

2day was super boring. i didnt go 4 choir prctice cuz my dad thought i dient hve it 2day. thnx a lot. sory yan peng. ill make it up 2 u. i prmise. i woke up in a bad mud (u noe y). then my mum signd me up 2 chores dat i did myself. then the only thng i did in the evening was play ps2. then we playd monopoly n when thngs startd 2 luk up 4 me, i had 2 pay my bro 700 bucks. then i lost with 600 bucks whle my fellow playmates got more then 1000. oh yeah, did i ever tell u akims website? its n hpe u guys visit it n agree with me how cute he is!!


  1. lols... ^^ and again it's YEN PENG haha, and yes I agree that akim is cute ><

  2. akim tak cute langsung...die sebenarnya HOT GILER!!!~ xDDDD