Tuesday, July 21, 2009


hanis is so alim.
klu blog, msti ade bismillah.
i pown nak alim.

tagging lea, laila, azra, hanis, nurin, kaii, adilah, my classmates, him, every1 i noe.

today is hyperday.
at science lab,
lea and i was comparing peha,
and then she ask nurin
to selak kain.
i totally loled.
and then during recess
lea only had 50 sen
so she bought ice.
she is the stupidest person
i have ever known.
ictl (which is wats happening now),
we had to run around skewl.
cuz at first form 5s were using it
then we went to library
then we went back (they finished).
lansai my weekly exercise.
and then during psk just now,
we had to list out pengajaran drpd cerita
n we totally spaced out
so nav (the one hu read the story)
had to gve us her answers
n they were ridiculous!
our group was last to leave the canteen.
and we bumped into sum people
and we said a lot of hi's
and when we arrive at class,
we loled.
how fabulous is it to hve many people knowing u?
very, apparently.
but most of em were form 1s n 2s.
form 3's and above r better.
they're like,
older and cooler.
like kai.
she's so popular.
like, almost everyone noes her.
kat ssp dulu pown.
tapi sumbody said mcm terlebih popular (i cant remember hu).

i dont hve anythin 2 say.



hari koko was okay.
loads of funnnn...
got talent was talentful.
rumah hantu was... dark.
sumthin grabbed my leg.
but it wasnt bloody or anythin
so im not convinced.


myspace is so blarggh nowadays.
but he only hve myspace (i think).
i dun hve friendster.
facebook dah cube
tapi mcm xde.

did i mentioned im over b?




Saturday, July 18, 2009

despite the fact that i'm under circumstances,
i'll still blog on.

hve u heard 21 guns, Greenday?
great song.
great movie.
Into The Wild?
great true story.
all must watches/hears.

sumtimes, i just wanna scream.


g2g. AGAIN

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Know Your Enemy

Do you know the enemy
Do you know your enemy
Well gotta' know the enemy, ohaooh!

Do you know the enemy
Do you know your enemy
Well gotta' know the enemy, ohaooh!

Do you know the enemy
Do you know your enemy
Well gotta' know the enemy, ohaooh!

Violence is an energy
Against the enemy
Well violence is an energy, ohaooh!

Bringing on the fury
The choir infantry
Revolt against the honor to obey (Ohaooh)

Overthrow the effigy
The vast majority
We're burning down the bargain of control (Ohaooh)

Silence is the enemy
Against your urgency
so rally up the demons of your soul (Ohaooh)

Do you know the enemy
Do you know your enemy
well gotta know the enemy, ohaooh.

Do you know the enemy
Do you know your enemy
well gotta know the enemy, ohaooh.

Insurgency will rise,
When the blood's been sacrificed
Don't be blinded by the lies
in your eyes

Well, Violence is an energy, Ohaooh
From here to Eternity
Well, Violence is an energy, Ohaooh
Silence is the enemy
so gimme gimme revolution!

Do you know the enemy
Do you know your enemy
Well gotta' know the enemy, ohaooh!

Do you know the enemy
Do you know your enemy
Well gotta' know the enemy, ohaooh!

Overthrow the effigy
The vast majority
We're burning down the bargain of control

Silence is the enemy
Against your urgency
so rally up the demons of your soul

tagging nis, lea, yen peng, dila, marmar, ika, ida, rin, hanna, cassie, tal, rara, laila, syia, ain, dina, ira and lastly, (i leaned my bag over his/hers) bobby!

i hve a crush.
nis, laila, dila, lea, and mayb my frens from class noes hu.
especially laila.
its lailas cuzin.
14 years old,
tall, cute
and i will not mention his name.
i added him on myspace.
he haven't accepted yet.
but laila herself said that she doesn't noe if he's active.
maybe he havent opened his account yet.

i luv going online,
but i hate it when i dun get wat i want.
like im trying to save my house map
si dat i can put it inside my sejarah folio
but when i right click,
there's no save image button.
lyric... songs...
i want them all
but sumhow i seem 2 4get at times like these.
har har.
dat reminds me.
i gotta do sumthin.

Friday, July 10, 2009


the craziest week ever...
most crazy: LEA.
Yup, she has won the award of being the most crazy in my life this week.
yesterday, she talked about stuff-that-has-nothing-to-do-with-me.
and Aimi totally gangged up on me
and joined Lea.
she actually said it.
people are crazy.
we're still 13.
but i said the other word too.
but i have my reasons!!!

anyway. last thurs, i fasted.
i alim.
nolah, it's to ganti last year punye
bcoz of feminime probs.
but i didn't feel tired or anything.
i even had pj that day.
tapi the whole evening i tido.
owh yeah.

In your next achievements
and success.
You're the best practical teacher i have ever had,
(mostly coz i didn't listen to the others)
and i hope that you will
achieve your aims.
Good Luck and

har har.. i'll miss you...
but, runner-up goes to Syaira 1F
for actually touching it!
i know,
it's for experiments and stuff,
but it's for you cuzin!!!
why the hell did u go to her/his uni anyway???
and you said it smell,
but think about it,
one day u'll get married
and that thing will go into your body anyway.
of course, maybe it smells cuz that guy had health probs
or it's old
or sumething.
Nis, u will luv this gurl.
both of you r freaks.

Anyway, on wednesday,
i b
rought a pic of Nubhan,
last years AF third place winner
and he looked super hot.
but just bcoz F and he cronies says he SO doesn't luk hot,
she says theres sumethin wrong with me.
well apparently u dunno dat
cuz ure not a doctor.
just bcoz your parents r doesn't mean u are.

and i am sick of Z.
just bcoz the rest of the choir membebrs didn't come,
she's panicking.
and she keeps calling me
and asking stuff
and i'm with my family
having family time
and she disturbs with a call.
five calls, actually.
I gott go. l8r

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

New Girlfriend

yup. B finally got himself a new girlfriend.
and she got the same name as his ex.
way to go, dude.
what a way to start a fight.
but ain (the previous one)
doesn't mind.
that's a good sport!
and i don't mind.
why should i mind?
its not like i have a crush on him since i was like, eight.
im not the one telling him i like him and totally emberrassing myself.
i gotta go.

WallE is the BOMB

i really really wanna update, but again, i dont have time so... here's the behind the scenes of musical drama! before i post the real thing, of course... xD


(go here)

well, mom is giving some time so... today mainly sucked.
it started out nice, my dad joking...
a car jokingly has a plate number of Ben 30.
i didn't thought Ben had that much aliens in his wrist.
but then in English i immedietly got demerit 2 by Pn. P.
and in Maths Pn. N keeps saying bad things about me.
like when i did sumthin wrong,
she most probably wailed it to the whole class.
and she said my beloved books
were trash under my table.
haha. ha.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


hahaha... sorry yen peng...
finally, i get more than an hour to blog. woohoo!
first, i'll list out a few events that has been happening since the second last post:
1. Musical drama
2. Open-day (yikes)
3. Cheer 09
4. Yesterday and today

Open-day was okay... i got number 3! woo hoo
Cheer... i didn't go

Musical drama was great!
everybody did a great job
despite a few problems during rehearsels
and the afternoon show...
like mic problems
and lightings falling off
(mostly not caused by us)
The night show was fantastic.
everybody was laughing their heads off
and the crew had a lot of fun
(including us choir members)
i can't wait to buy the CD.
I want to show off to my family!
But when everybody left,
i waited alone in the auditorium.
most of them had cast off with family and friends
and mostly boyfriends
(the auditorium held a lot of boys that night,
and cute ones too!)
but its okay.
Bobby was a big hit, though!
at my link list, there's Hus Ven's blog.

so yesterday me, my mom and my bro bakmal went to a&w pj
and the service there reeks.
this is what happened:

momcounter girl

um.. excues, order
(laughs at the baby at the next counter)
excuse me...
yes??? (rudely)

yeah... that yumina biatch.
so my bro and i found a seat. and we ate and stuff.
my mom went to order waffles
and my disgusting bro said:


na, pegi toilet jap. duduk kat sini tau?
(blurly) huh?
nak pegi berak. duduk kat sini.
hahaha... eww.. okay.

yea, my bro.
he definitely didn't get that from our parents.
so as i was waiting for my brother to return from his trip,
i noticed someone:
yup, the sree from ssp.
and kevin and mandeep.
and another person i never saw.
so my mom returned with waffles and mint and choco syrup ice cream
and she was looking at sree.

knape mak?
mcm pernah nmpk bebudak tu...
tu? ohh bdak ssp.

my mom noes them.
and so far, nothing else interesting has really happened.
the usual.
my brother decided to stop boarding school,
and take trips from here to gombak.
nice thinking, bro.
now u wake up at 5 a.m.
well, at least i c u everyday
and i can go 2 moms office every weekend
cuz u're here 2 teman me!

Friday, July 3, 2009

I Luv My Music

Notice the new layout.
yeah, i LURVE my music.
sorry YEN PENG,
coz i haven't been updating my blog for a while.
this, too, is a very short post
cuz i don't have any more times...
hope you're happy, yen peng.
i updated my blog.