Sunday, July 5, 2009


hahaha... sorry yen peng...
finally, i get more than an hour to blog. woohoo!
first, i'll list out a few events that has been happening since the second last post:
1. Musical drama
2. Open-day (yikes)
3. Cheer 09
4. Yesterday and today

Open-day was okay... i got number 3! woo hoo
Cheer... i didn't go

Musical drama was great!
everybody did a great job
despite a few problems during rehearsels
and the afternoon show...
like mic problems
and lightings falling off
(mostly not caused by us)
The night show was fantastic.
everybody was laughing their heads off
and the crew had a lot of fun
(including us choir members)
i can't wait to buy the CD.
I want to show off to my family!
But when everybody left,
i waited alone in the auditorium.
most of them had cast off with family and friends
and mostly boyfriends
(the auditorium held a lot of boys that night,
and cute ones too!)
but its okay.
Bobby was a big hit, though!
at my link list, there's Hus Ven's blog.

so yesterday me, my mom and my bro bakmal went to a&w pj
and the service there reeks.
this is what happened:

momcounter girl

um.. excues, order
(laughs at the baby at the next counter)
excuse me...
yes??? (rudely)

yeah... that yumina biatch.
so my bro and i found a seat. and we ate and stuff.
my mom went to order waffles
and my disgusting bro said:


na, pegi toilet jap. duduk kat sini tau?
(blurly) huh?
nak pegi berak. duduk kat sini.
hahaha... eww.. okay.

yea, my bro.
he definitely didn't get that from our parents.
so as i was waiting for my brother to return from his trip,
i noticed someone:
yup, the sree from ssp.
and kevin and mandeep.
and another person i never saw.
so my mom returned with waffles and mint and choco syrup ice cream
and she was looking at sree.

knape mak?
mcm pernah nmpk bebudak tu...
tu? ohh bdak ssp.

my mom noes them.
and so far, nothing else interesting has really happened.
the usual.
my brother decided to stop boarding school,
and take trips from here to gombak.
nice thinking, bro.
now u wake up at 5 a.m.
well, at least i c u everyday
and i can go 2 moms office every weekend
cuz u're here 2 teman me!

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