Tuesday, July 21, 2009


hanis is so alim.
klu blog, msti ade bismillah.
i pown nak alim.

tagging lea, laila, azra, hanis, nurin, kaii, adilah, my classmates, him, every1 i noe.

today is hyperday.
at science lab,
lea and i was comparing peha,
and then she ask nurin
to selak kain.
i totally loled.
and then during recess
lea only had 50 sen
so she bought ice.
she is the stupidest person
i have ever known.
ictl (which is wats happening now),
we had to run around skewl.
cuz at first form 5s were using it
then we went to library
then we went back (they finished).
lansai my weekly exercise.
and then during psk just now,
we had to list out pengajaran drpd cerita
n we totally spaced out
so nav (the one hu read the story)
had to gve us her answers
n they were ridiculous!
our group was last to leave the canteen.
and we bumped into sum people
and we said a lot of hi's
and when we arrive at class,
we loled.
how fabulous is it to hve many people knowing u?
very, apparently.
but most of em were form 1s n 2s.
form 3's and above r better.
they're like,
older and cooler.
like kai.
she's so popular.
like, almost everyone noes her.
kat ssp dulu pown.
tapi sumbody said mcm terlebih popular (i cant remember hu).

i dont hve anythin 2 say.



hari koko was okay.
loads of funnnn...
got talent was talentful.
rumah hantu was... dark.
sumthin grabbed my leg.
but it wasnt bloody or anythin
so im not convinced.


myspace is so blarggh nowadays.
but he only hve myspace (i think).
i dun hve friendster.
facebook dah cube
tapi mcm xde.

did i mentioned im over b?




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