Wednesday, July 15, 2009

tagging nis, lea, yen peng, dila, marmar, ika, ida, rin, hanna, cassie, tal, rara, laila, syia, ain, dina, ira and lastly, (i leaned my bag over his/hers) bobby!

i hve a crush.
nis, laila, dila, lea, and mayb my frens from class noes hu.
especially laila.
its lailas cuzin.
14 years old,
tall, cute
and i will not mention his name.
i added him on myspace.
he haven't accepted yet.
but laila herself said that she doesn't noe if he's active.
maybe he havent opened his account yet.

i luv going online,
but i hate it when i dun get wat i want.
like im trying to save my house map
si dat i can put it inside my sejarah folio
but when i right click,
there's no save image button.
lyric... songs...
i want them all
but sumhow i seem 2 4get at times like these.
har har.
dat reminds me.
i gotta do sumthin.

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