Monday, August 31, 2009

Merdeka...! yeah, i'm not so patriotic...

yesterday was a hapi hapi hapi...
although i had my emo face on,
but i had a good time.
u wanna noe y?

hey, don't blame me.
i go to a gurls skewl
and not everyday i get to see boys my age.

we went shopping just now.
and i saw this kewt shoes,
and told my mom
and she didn't like it.
so what?
its my shoes.
not yours.
and i like it.
i didnt get the shoes.
gotta go.
bye bye...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ramadhan bulan yang suci...:D

Nickelodeon totally did it.
they spelled Ramadhan wrong!
they wrote Ramadan.
very the funny one ahhh.

Tagging EVERYONE especially Bakmal coz he play with me Plant Tycoon!

they first five days or puasa and i x puasa.
not coz i dun want to.
bcoz i cant!
u understand y...
i frust tau.
baru pagi ni dah bngn sahur.
skali i check,
masih ade lagi!
frust frust.
skrang dah confirm 5 hari i kene ganti.
dpt cuti so dat i dpt warm up,
i spent it like normal days only.

i dreamt of him trice.
twice berturut-turut.
i dunno laaa
and last nite i dreamt i bonded with this guy i met for one day
and we were like total bffs.

thnx nis!
finally u dah kasi blog url!
i 4got to bring the blog list.
so not updated 4 another few days.
maybe the weekends nanti mase i dtg nak print geo folio.
bz chatting with nis plak

Friday, August 21, 2009

Do I smell pee? bakmal, clean up your room!!

sorry for the long term no update...

tagging hanis for being such a jerk.. what's your blog??

been really boring lately...
got a funny story to tell!
one day,
my bro pick me up from skewl
than when i was going there,
i over heard a group of gurls saying:
"Heyy, your boyfriends ahh?"
to their friends.
and she said,
"Eww, no!"
i wanted to laugh.
kesian abang.
a few 15-16 year old teens dont wanna be your gf
but his married anyway.
so wtv.

bakmal is so NICE
the other day i borrowed Prince Caspian from Adilah
(thnx, by d way!)
and i wanted to watch it with everyone.
so i asked,
"Anybody wanna watch Prince Caspian with me?"
and nobody wanted to watch.
har har.
so i stomped back upstairs and started the vcd.
and Bakmal came up to watch it with me!
but i think he also just wanted to watch the movie
so, don't be so excited...

i'm gonna go now...
update my link list!
goodbye and askum
selamat berpuasa!!!