Friday, August 21, 2009

Do I smell pee? bakmal, clean up your room!!

sorry for the long term no update...

tagging hanis for being such a jerk.. what's your blog??

been really boring lately...
got a funny story to tell!
one day,
my bro pick me up from skewl
than when i was going there,
i over heard a group of gurls saying:
"Heyy, your boyfriends ahh?"
to their friends.
and she said,
"Eww, no!"
i wanted to laugh.
kesian abang.
a few 15-16 year old teens dont wanna be your gf
but his married anyway.
so wtv.

bakmal is so NICE
the other day i borrowed Prince Caspian from Adilah
(thnx, by d way!)
and i wanted to watch it with everyone.
so i asked,
"Anybody wanna watch Prince Caspian with me?"
and nobody wanted to watch.
har har.
so i stomped back upstairs and started the vcd.
and Bakmal came up to watch it with me!
but i think he also just wanted to watch the movie
so, don't be so excited...

i'm gonna go now...
update my link list!
goodbye and askum
selamat berpuasa!!!

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