Monday, November 30, 2009

a million and two hatrid

i already let go of my feelings at the back of my drawing block. no need to waste space on my blog. don't feel like it anymore, anyway.

So abang changed the password of my computer so i was left at home alone yesterday. with nothing to do. so all I did was chores and practice piano and read books and sleep. BORE

So yea I slept and when the adults got back from work they didn't wake me up. and I only slept because i didn't even have anything to chew on! So I woke up, stomache almost empty. Went to the kitchen and saw A PLATE OF BEFORE FRIES NOW EMPTY. I can tell from the last piece of fries that i took. there was only the oily tissue and burnt crumbs left. URGH.

So I decided to give them the cold shoulders. ignore them for a while. not help them at the kitchen for dinner. until dinner and i couldn't help socializing because it IS my family. I can't stand it.

So after dinner I asked abang if I can use the computer (more like asking him if he can type down the password so I could use the computer already!!) and he said no. obviously i thought it was a joke. then he said, "Ask mom." mom said no. THAT was when I was really pissed off. What did I NOT do to make them happy? What the hell did I do to make them hate me so much? Like, even if they don't mean it, what use is it for us? They say its for the better. HELL. It's still gonna be the same. We're still gonna curse them and stuff (we as in me and Bakmal, BTW) . And I don't see, really, I seriously don't, see how this is going to make a better of us in the future. It's just INTERNET. macam Bakmal cakap, macam budak2, letak password la apela. and HE MANAGED TO HACK THE COMPUTER. he really did. but his reason was to play Dota and he couldn't because he used a different type of Windows setting and it couldn't read the Garena thing. So he switched it off. I'm using Dad's computer which Bakmal HID FROM EVERYBODY INCLUDING ME. now I hate them all. He couldn't even bother to tell me, knowing that I will most probably DIE of boredom.. Okay, this is a huge paragraph.

So yea. Last night I sort of merajuk. I didn't want to teman my mom who didn't have Ayah to peluk (Dad's at Australia - The only way Bakmal would've gotten his laptop) But in the end I couldn't help but feel guilty and slept with mom anyway. And now I'm gonna talk about something else.

OMG you will NOT believe what I just saw. I was stalking HIM again and guess what.

There was a 'Top Follower kerr something like that.

And I was his 3rd.

He didn't comment about it, don't even know if he notices, but YEAH. they KNOW I'm stalking him.


Sunday, November 29, 2009

my problem

I have a problem with anime/RPG characters. i prefer them to real boys. Like Farah Vazeer said, "My boyfriend's Spongebob". hahaha, yeah. only my boyfriend's not Spongebob, it's Roxas <3 Ehh, sorry Namine.. hahaha...

Okay, fine, real boys are better, but they're so hard to approach. fine, i'm the scaredy cat, but i just dont want the impression of a slut. At least i think about these things before making people hate me. *talking bout adilah, you know, from our class and hanis, you know THE girl tuu*

So I got nasihat. So like yesterday he was online. I wanted to say something but i was too scared. And I termiss from chatting with him from panicking. So here's some nasihat from my good friends...

Hanis : Let the guy start first. If not, pretend that you tersilap orang.

Hanna: Yea, I'd start. I'll just say hi and see how it goes.

Farah: you should just start first. I called *someone i cant remember* and it was totally worth it.

So yeah. I decided to pretend i'm bored and randomly picking anybody's hu's online (when its not random at all) and just go with the flow~ So yeah. now I'm waiting. Bye~

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Happy happy Birthday, to You~

So. Think nothing special's happening? WRONG. IT'S HANIS'S BIRTHDAY, DUMB ASS.



Yeah, yeah, it's her BIRTHDAY
She's FINALLY 13!

So all private private in e-mail... go to HERE to see what I wrote. I'm not about to brag about my writing skills. :P So nighty-night!

waiting for you~

I scroll down the list of people online. I wish your name is there. But it isn't.
I let out a big sigh as I set my body on the chair. When? When? I really want to say something to you. Don't you understand? I want to talk to you, you pathetic lil punk. I miss you. Miss you. Come online because that is the only way I could contact you. I need to tell you...

Can you be there for me?
Will you be there for me?
Will you?

Big Bad Wolf Book Sale

Got four books all at the price of RM 8! even this book I saw at MPH it costs like RM 36.90, it's RM 8!! It's the fourth book of this series me and my friends read but got stuck when they didn't want to buy the books anymore. I told them bout the fourth book, but thet didn't seem as excited as I am about it. Maybe because I've been borrowing their books and never actually bought it, so they're pissed off. Sorry Yen Fern and Cyrene! I already bought the new one, but unluckily wont be in same class next year! :(

So I tengah berangan that I'll meet 'him' at the book sale and we chat and then we got together (berangan je lebih!) but I didn't even see any hot guys. :( Urgh, never mind. Ooh, and I KNOW he's single because that's what he said at his description under his picture. :)

Speaking bout boys, you know the famous kembar lima? Yea. I know them. But they're nice - notexactly popular material. but nice. and they got 3 boys in their little groupie... F, H and Z who goes to Samad (so if you know them, you should know who I'm talking bout, yea?) So I met them at the book sale. My mom was looking at the magazines and when she wanted to pay for 'em, I stack our books on the table corner and they fell. Wearing quite tight jeans, I hesitated to bend down to grab 'em when suddenly I heard 'Elyna' and turned around and lo and behold, Ika, Ida and F is there, seeing me trying not to show my butt off. Thing is, F went to the Musical Drama. He SAW me. He stared at me in the 'Is that who I think it? No way' way. And seeing me, in this very awkward position, is VERY awkward. So I waited a few seconds for them to move on for me to grab the books, but I'm still embarrassed. Is my butt big? Was the jeans too tight until they say my panties? Gawd, I'm seriously EMBARRASSED.

So done with that. Just now our electric got shot. Yeah, with a gun. :O Nolah, heehee. So we got back home and had to open the gate ourselves (more like, myself) and carry the heavy plastic bags of books and Giant stuff and Guardian stuff and we had to try to open the electric and call some people and stuff. So my legs were hurting and I had to go to the toilet and my mom's sick. Bayangkan. Haish. Good thing we got books to make ourselves happy. :) So yeah. Tata~

Friday, November 27, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha~

I don't understand why my brother likes to play with my hair... It's not even pretty!

Anyway, selamat hari raya aidiladha!!! The time of the year where eating is most encouraged! My mom cooked many food, but little of each Menu~

Nasi tomato (that finished with Bakmal's friends just now)
Nasi impit (least favourite between teens)
Ketupat palas (my fav! just order though. don't know how to make)

Ayam masak merah
Kari daging (this is actually just for lunch but there were left overs)
Lodeh (i did the mixing )
Kuah kacang (dad did the nuts)
Rendang (order with ketupat palas)

So our kitchen's packed! mangkuk kecik2 tapi loads of 'em!

Okay, so news bout the guy (I don't stalk him much anymore, just add him on applications!)

Hmm~ He's good at it, too. He's level 19 (higher than Neda who I think does good at all applications she adds!) but he's farm is very simple. He rarely comes online too - malas kut??

So just now my brother's friends came over untuk beraya (none was hot, BTW) and I slept downstairs at the sofas. So suddenly I woke up and his friends was going home and I was lying down! Gawd, that was embarrassing. Hanis - yes, you know what, I think I do have small boobs. but 34A's aren't that bad!! Seriously! YOU jerr yang lebih2... never mind.

So yeah. I LOVE FAIRY TAIL! It's like the best Anime EVER. That is why I just LURVVE Hiro Mashima. His comics are the BEST! Okay. My niece is pissing me off with her sounds from playing One Piece. =.=' Urgh. Even the most patient person on Earth would not stand her 'YeaYeaYeaYea! You got it! Oi, stupid!" And she's 6! ...... Okay, nak sembahyang asar!! Bye~

Thursday, November 26, 2009


OH OH OH OH I got new info bout the guy I stalk (sheesh, I'm really obsessed with this aren't I? I'm really good at it too. :P) He wears boxers. Hakhakhakhak... I'm getting red just typing it. Meh, why did I highlight it in purple? Never mind. Anyways, so yeah. Today's the eve of Hari Raya Aidiladha and I'm talking bout a strangers underwear. Hm.. Okay lah tu. Entertainment. I'm just bored with life, really. :P No lah. Just entertainment. Normal entertainment as life moves on.

Okay so other information: He barely goes online. He likes Transformers 2 (fav movie). thinks Facebook is now boring like Myspace (more like Myspace is like Facebook). Hm... I don't think there's other interesting things about him. I guess. Oaky then. 3 posts dah today. So as'kum and goodbye~

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

the True Me

My True Colour (taken in Application Quizzaz on Facebook)
You’re soul is gold, the colour of goodness, bravery and leadership. Gold souls are warm and friendly to anyone around them. They make anyone feel welcome and treat everyone as an equal. Their good deeds make them popular all around and many people go to them for help, advice, or even just a good chat. Gold souls will always put others before themselves. However, gold souls will often neglect their own emotions as they so often act on what will make others happy. Although you may want to please everyone all the time, stop and think of your actions. Does it make you happy or are you living with a terrible sadness while others around you walk away happy? Do something for yourself once in a while. Look out for number 1!
(I LOVE this. But it's only 98% true. I'm not popular, one thing. And sometimes I can be selfish too. So maybe I'm more of a silver or brass. Who knows?)

~ Who are you? ~ (I'm Elyna. Nice to meet you.)


You are very Emotional witch gives you the gift of Understanding.     You can easily see both side of any story. You feel people's pain and joy. It makes you more friendly and kind then others. Barley anyone can't call you a good friend. You also see through most lies. You read everybody like a book.          Even though most people love being around you, there is a bad side. You are more moody and harder to understand then others. Your much more passionate then other, so you get hurt much easier. You may be happy one min, but the next you could slide in to depression.     You may understand other people, but it is hard for them to understand you.

(The part 'You read everybody like a book' is partially wrong because it's more like, 'You read people like you read minds - which is impossible.)

So yeah, I got the password :P Bakmal is overly excited that Add Maths is over. So he asked for the password claiming that he's practically done. Except for Chemistry, BM, Sejarah, Lakaran Kerja and something else... (I looked at his timetable, don't think I bother memorizing his timetable :P) Okay, hope you like the song below... I love it. <3 To my Best Friends! All of my friends!! I LOVE YOU GUYS! ;D

Count on Me by Lucy Shcwartz

Yesterday wasn’t easy
Made a wish by the bay
And the tide took your heart away
Lift your head up, really hear me
When the water is risin’
You can’t close your eyes and pray.

Trust in me to make it better
I can carry you through to the end
We’ll get free from stormy weather
You can count on me I’ll be your friend
You can count on me I’ll be your friend

Suddenly it gets clearer
With our hands on the wheel
We can turn what you feel around
Better days are drawing nearer
And there’s no way, no how
And nobody to stop us now

Trust in me to make it better
I can carry you through to the end
We’ll get free from stormy weather
You can count on me I’ll be your friend
You can count on me I’ll be your friend

Do do do do do
Do do do do do
Darling you can count on me
Hey hey hey hey

Do do do do do
Do do do do do
I’ll be there whenever you need
Hey hey hey hey

Wherever you are
I’m not very far
I’ll be by your side
To make it alright

Trust in me to make it better
I can carry you through to the end
We’ll get free from stormy weather
You can count on me I’ll be your friend
You can count on me I’ll be your friend
To all my Best Friends out there, you can count on me.

Field Trip to the Outer Gates of My House

So today I was planning to go to the library, but my plan was ruined when I overslept and missed breakfast (the time before dad leaves for work and anything involving money have to be discussed at this time. I was thinking bout renewing my card.) So my mom already knew bout my plan but didn't say a thing to dad. Rupa2nya dah ade plan sendiri. She invited me to go to her office so I spent the morning first using mom's laptop then finishing Phantom of the Opera before school even started then using Kak Iza's computer then mom called for lunch.

So lunch was with Mom, Abang and Kak Ain. We ate at Uncle Chilli's at Amcorp Mall. Then we bought ice cream at McDonalds then some bread from this small bakery. Then we went back home. Kak Ain invited me to follow her to Shah Alam for some work. So yeah. We went for work first (I got eye contact with this hot guy. Not exactly hot hot, but like small body fit hot. And cute. <3 only a REAL hot guy would wear a black T-shirt on a hot sunny day.) then we went to Section 13 looking for this baby shop which I think exists, but most probably invisible. We went round and round and round the many blocks, and still couldn't find it until we only have less than half tank left - just enough to go back home.

So we got back home and Kak Ain used the computer (she knows the password - I got 8 minutes of internet!) and the after a few stuff happened I'm here. So yeah. I think I'm going to ask dad if I can go tomorrow (library, I mean). So here's a Piano Class record - hopefully you won't get bored.

Sonatina - After more than a month of this song, I STILL couldn't get it perfect. It's almost there, but I make mistakes everytime I take my mind off the song - but then again, no matter how much I concentrate I still afford to make mistakes. Hopefully my next try I will get it right. Like teacher says, 'Practice doesn't make perfect, the right way of practicing will make it perfect.' So yeah. Maybe I have to change my technique.

The Tailor's Song - It's still too early to tell if I'm good at this song, but it's so simple and my type, I'm getting the hang of it. :)

Thank You Mrs. Bach - Teacher told me that this is an exam song. Like I don't know. It's still real hard for me to catch up, so I tried repeating my weak parts, and practice an extra bar because it seems like the same melody with the one before, just a different interval. Wish me luck that I will get the whole song prepared before school starts again. :)

Hanon finger exercise - I'm getting better at number 13, but my staccatos are still not so good. teacher told me to do it faster, but it's quite hard. She told me to do at least 5 times for each type of exercise, but I only did twice. I hope she doesn't notice how tired I am of it.

That's all. :) Thank You for your patience and reading until the end of what most probably don't make much sense to people who do not play musical instruments, but it's really important to do finger drills before playing. It's like warming up before playing a game.

BTW, Hanis!! I just watch a bit of this show in Astro Prima, Qalesya, and its actually in an Agama school, but they also have lovey-dovey.  :) so at first I thought that you are so weird - going to an Agama school and having crushes, but now I see that this is common. :) They look so cute (the couple I mean). Qalesya pown CANTIIIKK!! Mew...

Okay, that's it I guess. Bye~ Askum...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

locked and sealed.

HUUUUUUUHHH One whole day without visiting my Facebook led to a total of 26 notifications. Me and my parents had a fight last night and today I got my punishment. My computer's passworded!! And the worst thing is, I DON'T KNOW THE PASSWORD!

Yeah, so I spent the whole day either practicing piano, doing chores or draw. And I drew this girl... Never mind. Huh, I don't wth to blog about. Oh yeah, I have such good hearing (self praise is no praise) I got the tune of Afternoon Streets on the piano!!! I'm so happy, but Bakmal is not in the mood so I'm not gonna tell him just yet. :P I can't wait till I buy my manuscript book! I'm gonna write down a whole bunch of song notes in it! Can't wait, but don't know where the hell to buy one. I thought teacher was gonna buy it, but she didn't and I'm not about to ask her where to buy one. I'm gonna find it myself. I wonder if Popular has it... Okay, tata, I just sneezed and my mom told me to eat Vitamin C. :P bye~

Monday, November 23, 2009

weird dream

Okay, so just now my bro came home from SPM exam and immediately wants to play his Dota thing. So not knowing wth to do, I slept and had this weird dream. Enjoy~


So it started clearing out starting from me back in 1A. Everything was as normal after the finals, when suddenly Ms. Foo barges in our fun and said she had a Pop Exercise Test (familiar to Pop Quiz). I panicked because I didn't bring my sports clothes!! I remembered that I had a locker which I share with my friend, and I can borrow her extra clothes for a while.(without permission, of course. she barely uses the locker, she'll never know they were gone.)

But too late, the test was already starting. There were people without sports clothes lining up, but I'm sure their marks will be deducted. So I hurriedly change while getting in line (yeah, publicly!!) then my friends gather around to help cover me. They were in sports clothing too. and then teacher noticed. She tegur us and I was midway putting on my pants!! Good thing everyone's a girl... So I got kicked out of class but all my friends were gathering around me and it was hard for me to move so I had to ask them to move (nicely) and then i got out. I don't know where it came from, but suddenly I got somethings that looked like it needs fixing. I went to the park. (at school la)

I was trying to figure the thing out when suddenly I noticed I left my glasses while I was changing!! Then a voice called out.

"Hey!" I looked up. It was a guy who was going up the form 4 stairs. "Have you tried using a glue and a string?" I looked at the broken things I got on my lap. For some reason, this seemed like a brilliant idea, and I wonder why I never thought of it before. (LOL) I looked up, but I didn't say a thing. The guy smiled (somehow I could tell without my glasses) and continued his journey up the stairs.

I didn't do anything but looked up as he went up the stairs and into his class (since when did I go to a co-ed school??) and after that I went to get some glue and strings (still, LOL) from my class and there, lo and behold, was my glasses. I put it on and search for glue and string. I left the broken things at the park. So I got the glue (mine) so now the string. I wanted to go to the teacher's room (there's always string on a teacher's table, I never know why) and I heard a familiar voice. It was the guy that helped me out! I wanted to see who it was, but then I heard he was with his friends, and was saying "haha, lynn, lynn, haha." which was weird. they sounded like they laughing at me, but not like at me, just something about me (they could be holding a laptop, and laughing about something through the internet that I wrote. there were many possibilities) so I changed my mind. I continue searching for string and found some by a window of a class and I decided to just take it. Then I went back to the park.

On my way, I saw the back of the head of, I believe, the guy that helped me out! So I went for him, but it was too crowdy. The people who were passing by pushed me the opposite way so I lost sight of him. I gave up and went back to the park. I took the broken things and sat at a bench. I looked up in the sky and dreamed (things of I'm not so sure of, some are previous dreams that I seem to have forgotten) and dreamed and dreamed off to space...


So after that my bro woke me up and told me that mom wanted me to help her at the kitchen. After that dream, I was sure the guy in my dram was A I, a guy I had a crush on during strd 4-5. I just recently added him on Facebook. Okay, that's all. Bye bye~

Sunday, November 22, 2009

whole wheat bread

oh yeah, the last post, I tersilap. He's form 2. Yay, something to look forward to :D

Wait, I think I know who he is now. Please don't tell me it's him. I just said he looked handsome!!! D:

Huhuhu... Dahla I termiss subuh... This is turning out to be a bad day. I'll tell you how it goes later... Bye~


Hahahaha, I'm stalking someone I find handsome...
Here's a few points about him that I found out...

Goes to Bukit Bintang
Plays Farmville
Likes Social Interview (a lot)
Doesn't know what pet peeves is
I believe knows who Chun Kit is
Secretly likes songs that (I think) Bakmal do (Black Metal, blablabla)

So yeah. And and and and his birthday is on.... 17th October. And he knows some Sri Aman gurls (duhh, budak BB lah plak. If he's form 2 at least, then he would know some Sri Aman gurls.) And he has no girlfriend... I dunno he sounds like Bakmal when he was 14. Budak BB, knows gurls (my bro even had a gf at age 13). I don't think he's from SSP though. And unlike Bakmal, he uses frequent English like me. And he goes to Dubai a lot. Once. I dunno.

And all this information, The one thing that I haven't told you is the name. DUH, if I tell the name then it wouldn't be a secret. I want even the littlest bit of secret left untold. :P If you want to know you have to be a best friend like Adilah or Hanis. Sorry but anybody other than these two plus Lea and Nurin I can never tell.

Well, not like you wanna know or anything, right?

So yeah. Today we went to a majlis pertunangan where our entertainment (our meaning me and Kak Ain) was cucu Pak Uda... hahaha so cute with 5 year old Sara and dunno-how-old-boy and the few months old baby gurl, they look so cute. Sarah is like the responsible, love everyone gurl but doesn't know how to take care of herself. The boy is (typically) messy and active and the baby gurl lurves her brother and laughs to everything her sister do. It was such a cute view, everybody with their own personalities, I wonder how they'll be like grown up??

Oh yea, I have an anak sedara / nephew that looks like a friend of mine from SSP. I don't want to mention his name, but you can see from the SSP reunion he's the second guy from the left on the first row holding a guitar. My BFFs will understand why this is disturbing to me. He's close to Sarah (my nephew la) and that's why he came to mind.

So now I'm tired of blogging. Good night. :)

*Here's what he says about himself... hahahahaha*

Cool, Play the Guitar.......funny....Handsome :P......Malay.....Footsal player(goalkeeper)......Basketball player(Lastman).......Smart but not the nerdy types.....well maybe dats the colour 4 sisters no brother no little sister or brother....LOVE LISTENING TO some games.....etc.

*He's the youngest like me :D prasan smart :P goalkeeper kewl I like underdogs, PLAY GUITAR omg I might have found my soulmate :D*

*I keep patah balik to edit the post again and again... the additions keep adding up, huh?*

*OH OH OH he IS from SSP... Form 3... :s*

*Okay okay bye now... :D*

*OH he plays this online game Crimson Moon. Dah. Last. Promise. Bye.*

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sunday. Piano Class. Happiness.

ITALIAN TERMS for Grade 5 (Used by the String Family which includes violin, viola, cello and double bass)

Col Legno - The wooden part of the bow is used to tap on the strings

Sul ponticello - The player bows the strings on or near the bridge

Pizzicato - The player plucks the strings instead of bowing it

Con Sordino - A mute, a small clip is fixed on the bridge of the instrument to reduce the vibrations from the strings for a quiet and muffled effect. Sordini (mutes) is the plural of 'Sordino'.

Spiccato - the player skims the bow off the strings to create a crisp and light effect (this is almost the same as staccatto for piano, except this is lighter, staccatto is more drastic or depends on the song)

Slallato - The bow is bounced up and down the string to create a short and crisp affect. (this is mostly like staccatto. just the name's different)

Maltellato - The player plays each note heavily and seperately to create a shivering effect

Tremoto - The bow is made to quiver very rapidly to create a shivering affect

Vibrato - The player uses the left hand to shake the strings as it stops the strings when they are not playing fast. This creates a wobbly effect.

Double stopping - The bow is played so 2 strings vibrate at the same time so that 2 notes can be played.

Triple stopping - Same as above, but play 3 strings at the same time.

Yeah, I'm just in the mood for music. <3

Songs I'm currently into:

Allegro Cantabile (Nodame Cantabile)
Afternoon Streets (Kingdom Hearts)
Through My Window (Bunkface)
Higher and Higher (Rave)

Anime/Manga I'm currently into:

Fairy Tail
Nodame Cantabile

Google searches are mostly of:

Piano sheets for certain songs
Pictures of Obata Yuuki's 'We Were There' covers
Anime watch/read

Most activities around the house:

Chores (I got RM 20 today!!)
Play piano
Use computer
Sleep/Read Phantom of the Opera while Bakmal use computer (What a wonder, no TV)

Most activities online:

Read manga / watch anime (although now a days manga is way better)
Facebooking (recently bored with apps so uploaded random pictures and tag my pals :D)
Read blogs
Write (okay, this is offline, so what?)

Okay. I'm bored of blogging. I really want teacher to teach me Afternoon Streets but it's something I could learn myself and I'm getting ready for Grade 5 Practical exam... So new songs are up teacher's sleeves!! Oh yeah, last list...

Musical Progress...

Practical Grade 5, will be taking exam on May/June 2010
Theory Grade 5, will be taking exam on May/June 2010

Hoping to take Grade 6 Practical on 2010, or skip it and take Grade 7 Practical on Nov/Dec 2011 so that I would be a Grade 8 before Form 5!!

Those are my hopes and dreams... <3

The Right Time

I just read Hanis's blog, and I felt like I should have a confession post where I tell everyone what I really feel about each and everyone of the people that I know and close to. But I have to find the right time. Not now. I don't have the feel and I'll feel guilty so yeah. Wait for it. It could come anytime.

When life gives you lemon, make lemonade.

Love is like a war - easy to start, and hard to stop.

People can't sleep thinking of their lovers, but I sleep early everyday, hoping that I'll dream of you.

Lies hidden behind a good purpose doesn't count as a sin.

Live everyday like it is your last, but dream like you'll live forever.

Who Am I Again?

Because the truth is,nobody knows you more than yourself.Nobody knows you more than yourself,except Allah.Allah knows more than what you're doing,but what's in your heart as well,and not only that,but your future.Hebat,kan?But I'm not going to talk about that ,at least,not now.

That was something from Hanis's blog.  I think that I don't know who I am. I think people know me better than I do myself. I don't know why but that's just how it is to me. I'm not sure, if everything I do is right or wrong. Sometimes its wrong to other people, and some thinks it's okay. So really, to me, there's no solution of it.

Okay, so last night I stayed up till 1 a.m. I don't know what the hell I was doing. (Okay, maybe I do, which is watch anime) So yeah. You know how random I am. I randomly add anybody they suggested whose name rang a bell and had mutual friends. So one day I added this guy named Mohammad Aliff Mohammad sumthin. Of course, this is a very common name, for God's sake, and I don't know why the hell I added him. And he accepted.

So yeah yesterday he tegur I. This is something I just concluded happened. Maybe longer.

Aliff: Hai..
Me: Hello
Aliff: siapa ni?
Me: urr.. Elyna? (i wrote the question mark because it clearly writes there 'elyna')
Aliff: awk tinggal kat mane?
Me: PJ selangor.
Me: knape?
Aliff: betol lah awk.
Me: ?
Aliff: nvm. just forget. easy.
Me: Okay... Bye then.

Okay, fine it was longer. I asked him where he lived and he said Alor Star (see what I mean? I probably don't even know him!!) and he said in some language I don't understand and I said to me, sincerely it seemed funny. So I don't know if it pissed him off or just made it more clearer to him why I added him. (The only reason is because I'm random) And he told me to forget. How the hell am I supposed to forget such a random chat??? Urgh.. Really annoyed, wish he would tell me the truth what he was thinking.

Okay, tata, my bro wants to use.


I open my Facebook and immediately my eyes roll to the lower right part of the monitor screen. No notifications. Huh. Today's gonna be boring.

I click my mouse when it arrives on the "Friends" button. I thought, well, if nobody's interacting with me, I'll just have to start something up.

I scroll down the list of friends, some I'm not sure whom of, some faces are so familiar. I laugh once in a while when I see their ridiculous choice of profile picture. Then one name caught my attention.

"..... ........."

I couldn't say it. I can't take the risk. What if one of my schoolmates read this and tell him? Too risky.

I paused from scrolling. I stare at the name for a while. This was the name that I would write after "I <3" everytime I'm bored and have nothing to do. If there's no paper, my finger and the air is good enough. He was one of the worst crush I have ever had. 5 years....

No, I'm not gonna start. It's too much for somebody to read. It's just another diary entree, another 'letting-out-feelings' moment. And I'm not going to do it again. For the same person. For the hundredth time. Not anymore.

Friday, November 20, 2009

New Aim

I have a new year aim. Here's one of 'em cuz the whole list will be posted on years eve.

1. Maintain my body shape/size. I don't mind height, it's just that there's a few t-shirts of mine I'm afraid if I have a bigger size than I can't wear them anymore. :(

So yea. That's it. Today's supposed to be my day-off but my mom keeps reminding me after an instruction like, "I'm paying you, you know." Yes, I know, but i thought we had an agreement through a schedule. You keep telling me to do things OFF schedule, now today's supposed to be a day-off, and you're telling me to do stuff, reminding me that you're paying me??? WTF lah! But of course, I didn't say anything. She's MOM for God's sake. i know she just never want to lose. she's always the right one. ALWAYS. which is not fair.

Okay, that's it then. TATA..

Shopping Trip!

Today we had a shopping trip to KLCC! :D I got a new blouse!

Okay, from the start. First, our aim was obviously ISetan. They had an early sale for members. It was suppose to start tomorrow (Year End Sale, a.k.a. Y.E.S.) but yeah. They had a preview sale. Mom came yesterday after a trip from Ampang Park (she bought a blouse there, VERY nice, my mom has a sense of style) and saw a pair of pants that totally match the blouse, but today there was a 10% off, so she decided to bring us along to buy it. So I got a blouse..!!!

So after that it was the boys turn. My bro didn't want anything (at least, didn't find anything his taste) so while dad paid for his part of the shop, Bakmal and I went to Kinokuniya..!! Here's a list of interesting books I thought dad would buy me for the holidays...

1. An series adventure book, Moon and Sun, with the cost of RM33.90 for the amount of 200+ pages.

2. A two book series, a typical teen fiction, but seems quite interesting. Not different like the first one, but interesting. RM29.90

3. A boring-looking thick books which costs RM26.90. Okay, fine this isn't exactly an option, but it is if your dad is like mine.

But then Bakmal came and said dad and mom's waiting at the food court. (Na, jom, ayah kat Picnic. Picnic? Bukan ke dah tukar name? Signatures, Jomla.)

So, yea. I ate Subway (Farah, are you reading this? You're crazy of it right?) . So after that we went to solat Maghrib. And then we ate ice cream at Burger King. Then me and Bakmal went to buy comics / magazines. Then we went back home. Wait, I forgot to tell you the girlish part! This all sounds so boring!

Okay, so while I was waiting for dad and mom and Bakmal, I sat down. And then there was this lady that sat beside me. She's pretty, but she seems like the type that would say "i don't want to talk to this nerd, seems so uncool". Then there was this kid. And then we looked at each other then I look away, feeling myself blush. See, I have a problem. I don't blush to hot older guys. Only to cute younger kids and boys my age which is weird, really. I wish I would blush to older boys. But I couldn't! I don't know why. I'll try my best. GANBATTE!!!

So yeah. When we walked out of Kinokuniya, i saw this SO HANDSOME guy!!! Very the handsome, and alone. Wore a blue hoodie with jeans. Spiky hair. I remember the other day we were at KLCC and me and my bro saw this hot, handsome emo guy. Okay, fine, he wasn't like super emo, but he wore this black hhodie with dark jeans and under-the-ear hair style, like if you trim a girl's hair or an over grown boys hair. Serious, handsome gile sampai I think my brother was STARING at his handsome-ness.

Okay, yea,. that's it. Comment/CBOX! Or go to!! Askum... tata

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Why Wasn't I There???


Like any other time I browse through an album full of faces from SSP, i feel like crying. literally. I miss those guys so much. i thought I've moved on, but i haven't. i seriously haven't. This was where I've been through so much - my first crush, (he's in the pic, BTW) friendship problems, happiest moments. i could NEVER let go. NEVER.

Today my mom invited me to go to KLCC. It was so RANDOM. i really didnt want to go. so i did everything as slow as i can. and it worked!! only mom was super pissed off. she said i rugi, she wanted to buy me underwear/bras (she could've just brought it, she knows my sizes) (???) but i didnt care. i didnt wanted to go anyway!! HAHA.

i'm STILL browsing through some pictures of them. i don't know why. but something i'm sure of - a certain person likes to take a single potrait of another certain person who's not shy to show off her boobs. HAHAHA.. i lke doing this. LOL. okay, so not literally lah. i mean, she didn't actually take off her shirt and actually show it, but like maybe this was by accident. she had a bag that looked like it was heavy (?) so she heaved to one side of her body so there was a better view of her boobs (? haha lol). or maybe that was just a typical popular-girl pose (heaving to one side, sexay...?). i'll never know the real reason but yeah. you can clearly see the shape of it. okay, lets not talk about nonsense anymore. i think being the only dirty minded person that i can talk about dirty stuff in this house, i mostly blog dirtyly.

my mom actually ALSO invited me to baca yassin with her, but seriously i MALAS so i'm hoping she forgot. or she hears the click-clacking of the keyboard and thinks, biarlah budak tu, tengok kalau die ingt ke tak. that makes me feel worse. i would prefer she had forgotten herself, cuz that would be an accident, and i'm doing this on purpose. NOT FAIR. i ALWAYS feel guilty. my mom can treat me like a maid and not feel guilty about it. huhuhu... i guess that's the advantages of being a mother.

kay, that's it. bye~

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Meow... I Miss School Already


Okay, if you read the last post,you know who I'm talking about. Iwan. My bro's very cute friend! XD

Okay, back to earlier today. So I told you guys about me taking up chores for allowance, right? So today i was supposed to take out the trash and wash clothes (include hang, angkat and fold) but i didn't take out trash. i woke up a little late. :D So yea. i woke up terus berus gigi terus sidai baju terus basuh another batch. Baru tadi my mom complain lagi... Haizzz So after that i (typically) makan and maen computer, and totally forgot about the clothes. -_-

and then when my mom balik terus marah2. she said she told me to sweep the floor (???) and then she told me it was when she woke me up. -_______________- DUUUHHH of course lah i tak ingat!! baru bangun!! pfftt... but of course (again) i didn't say that. i just swept the floor, like a maid. kalau die tak bayar pown she treats me like a maid...

niways, my dad brought a new printer!! XD Yay! And with UM money!!! Yay! Saying that it's for a project!!! Yay!

so my bro asked if there's anything to test-print, and i ambik kesempatan print a piano music sheet. XD  but still, it's okay for testing black and white printers, and still useful. daripada print gambar, and then after that you do nothing with it. Betol tak? X) So yeah. i printed the song Hikari from Kingdom Hearts. it seems about my grade.

huuuhhh i really wish something interesting will happen around here... it's so BORING not having friends around... :( I'm wearing Adilah's bangle all over the place! i just love it!!!! I LOVE BANGLES!!! especially adilah's from Dubai. X)

okay... i guess that's it. here's a website for anime fans that want to watch anime for free!! But you have to pay to download.. so yea. but it's faster and more practical to watch rather than youtube. So here it is.

Hope you enjoy!! I'm watching Nodame Cantabile Paris... X))

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Last Day of School 2009 :'(

So yea. Today is the last of 1 Amanah 2009. :( I feel so sad... I'm going to miss these guys SO much (except for those two bitches)... Today rather than having fun for the last time, it was really more frustrating than i thought. it was so sad and everybody's mood was down... except when we did the funny movie Chronicles of Mr. Twinkle. Future will be uploaded to Youtube.

Hui Wei actually cried!!! and the group that has most people crying was the "Tudung Group" (the only ones that aren't in this group and wear tudung are me, Nurin, Adilah, Farah and Syahirah). The only ones that WEREN'T crying were Laila and Azureen ker?? and Hidayah. So SAD.

Anyway, I got 2G with Laila, Iylia/Lea and Ashwini. Adilah got 2D. Nurin got 2B. Hanna and Cassandra got 2H. (Smarty pants). Talya got 2A. Huhu, I'm gonna miss these people SO MUCH. I dunno how I'm EVER gonna click with anybody else. They're my BESTEST FRIENDS (other than Hanis, ofc)...

BTW, mase balek i tak balek. i had to wait for my mom's meeting to finish which did at 3.45 p.m. That is NOT how i wanted to end this year's schooling session.

i remember last year...

*flash back*

the school started with everyone getting ready for the jamuan. we had so much fun, especially signing everyone's clothes and writing "Kiss my Ass" or "Kick my Butt". Haha, those were the times...
Then we went to the dewan and had a goodbye session with the teachers (i remember i hugged Ms. Loo so hard... :'( ) Kai and the gang sang "Graduation" by Vitamin C while Marina played the guitar... then when the last bell from SSP we heard, we all walked away, knowing there would never be another experience like in SSP, where we woke up everyday to in six years...

i even hugged my crush. it wasn't the personal, real hug. the friendly hug where you just put one hand over the other's shoulders.. but i really felt it. when i got into the car, i started crying. and crying and crying and crying. i couldn't even believe myself how much i cried. but that's then. now i'm in sri aman, moving on - even if i didn't want to.

just now a looked through a few of Vie's pix on facebook. and i couldn't stand it. i couldn't look at their faces, the faces i used to see, but not anymore. the faces that has long been gone, covered by these new people i met for less than a year, and then i saw them back, it's as if i'm back to square one. i closed the tab afterwards of Vie's pix. i couldn't look at it.

so yeah. when i got back home, my bro's handsome friend was there. XDDDD Iwannn... so HENSEM... and then that night my mom told us how 'unprepared' bakmal is for his SPM, and she said that Iwan dah ltak siap transparent pencil box dengan IC skali kat dalam tu. Ooo, a guys who likes to take things seriously and be ready. I like. XD

orait.. i think that's it... don't forget to visit, OKAY? thnx.. Tata and askum..

Monday, November 16, 2009

Class PARTEY 1 Amanah 2009

It started out okay. then I started taking pictures. then the bell rung. And that's when everything went crazy.

At first some was like, "Wait for the teacher!" and then after a while, they just eat everything. it was a normal class party, with eating and games and camwhoring.

and some bullying. okay, they said thnx but STILL. some bitches didnt / said but didnt mean it, just for the sake of being 'nice'.

niways, enough with THAT. i dunno why but i am so LAZY to update. it's just because today's the class party. so supposingly i'm expected to update. just like im expected to upload pix and tag, but FB is so Effing Annoying. so this is my third try.

i really need writers for Sweet Honey Lemon so huever's interested enter this website and just read one of the posts. (you'll know which one from the blog archive) Looking for anyone hu's commited enough and has talent/ NO SIMPLE GRAMMAR MISTAKES PLEASE. tq.

so yea. this is the blog.

DON'T ASK ME WHERE I GOT THE SKIN. my friend did it. :)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Another Lame Sunday

Can you say "LAME"?
I'm sure you can.
unless you're deaf. Or can't talk or whatever you call that in English (I'm Malaysian, btw)

Anyway, today was SO BORING. I sat at home, either eating, talking, watching TV or in front of computer. Or folding clothes. But really, the only thing I can talk about is the new weekly maid and my Holiday Allowance Program. (Both have something to do with work, BTW)

So the new maid's name is Rina. Kak Rina is what i call her. Married, a couple of kids and 30 years old. Is trying to come on every Saturday so that she won't clash with my piano class.

so next is my work. i have set up a schedule that i'll follow in order to get allowance during the school holiday. RM20/+ per week. i just hope it will work out. and my parents won't be so kedekut (cheapskate) to give me more than 20 bucks. I'm starting when school's over.

So yea that's it. and i just wish Bakmal would stop playing the computer and downloading porn because his SPM is next Wednesday. And i need the computer all to my self. :)

Well, i guess that's it. Here's a list of what we're serving at I Amanah's Class Party..!!!

Domino's Pizza (Meat Mania, Vegie sumthin for the vegetarians, Aloha Chicken <3 , Seafood sumthin, sumthin Chicken and plain cheese for dieters... :D)

Roti Jala (provided by me, but still have to pay XD)

Soft drinks and juice

Spaghetti made by Pn. Normah (our class teacher)

Desserts provided by MasNurin Nasuha, I'm not sure if it's a cake, cupcakes or a truffle (?).

So come over and have a nice feast! If you like to stuff your face with food from your own class and then other people's classes. :D I doubt anybody else will be eating it anyway, just us AWESOME 1 A-yers.

That's it!! Goodnight, sleep tight. Oh yeah. Here's something weird my bro likes to listen to.

Eminem, Must Be The Ganja..

Must've been the ganja,
or maybe the miruajana,
*sumthin i'm not sure of* i don't mind
Maybe it's the hindie,
that has gotten in me
Must've been the reason that i'm so high.

and that ends today's post!!! Wait, no..
Whoever can play the piano, try these notes.. the comma means lower, up comma means higher.. space means wait a little longer, it's a crotchet. It's a Bb major.


It's Roxas's Theme. very sad. Goodbye!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Okay, so this maybe just a small biography bout them and mostly pix. But they are so adorable!! And I LOVE Connor cuz he's my age. ;)
*Watch the videos in the links. Really cute <3*

Biography for
Josh Hutcherson 

Date of Birth
12 October 1992, Union, Kentucky, USA

Birth Name
Joshua Ryan Hutcherson


5' 6" (1.68 m)

Older brother of the actor Connor Hutcherson.
During filming of The Polar Express (2004) with Tom Hanks, he played himself in a four week run of the live sketch comedy show "Jack Shack" which was written and directed by Craig Anstett and Ben Hoffman.
Is good friends with actress AnnaSophia Robb.
He has a puppy named Diesel, a dog named Baxter, and 2 cats, Jell-O and Paws, and some fish.
His favorite superhero is Batman.
Has now become good friends with Brendan Fraser after filming Journey to the Center of the Earth.

Biography for
Connor Hutcherson 

Date of Birth
2 May 1996, USA

Birth Name
Connor Mason Hutcherson

Young brother of the actor Josh Hutcherson.

Personal Quotes
Live everyday like it is your last, but dream like you'll live forever.

*I had this big smirk on my face as I watched this video. Hanis, somehow this reminds me of that jerk. Idon't know why.*

Connor's 13th B'day






*Unfortunately, I couldn't find much pictures of Connor, since he's not the celeb and all*

Here's another video!!

Cute, rite???
Yeah, I'm big fans.
One of my dreams - To meet Connor!!!!!

No Entry

So this is 14/11/09's post.

Today was Fun, Boring and Ridiculous.

In the morning, i literally got a wake up call by mom. Then i ate. Then the usual stuff. Then cooking (which i didn't do so much cooking) and then lunch and then read and then sleep and then wake up and then play internet and then went to Mid Valley. Here's the interesting / boring to me part.

so yea. we entered the parking and dad totally broke a rule. he entered a road from a way it totally and clearly wrote "No Entry". But we got a parking anyway so whatever. and then we entered the mall. my first search: BOYS.

Yeah, i know what-a-slut-or-bitch-have-nuthin-else-to-do.. what do you expect (again) ? i school in a girl school where there aren't even any hot guy teacher. there was this handsome one, but i think he was a practical. i don't see him anywhere anymore. anyway.

so my mission did not succeed until after a short shop of undies for my mom. we were waiting for dad to come back from carrefour so we waited in front of Jusco. So there were no seats so i had to stand. my mom and bro sat. until i couldn't stand it any longer...!! i searched around the circular bench if there's any space anywhere else. Jackpot! there was a small space in between this couple and a few plastic bags. i was about to sit when i noticed there was a teen guy sitting there, playing a PSP. i didn't want to sit next to a guy with a PSP!! not only is there a chance of envy and possible eager and curiousity of what he's playing, also the fact that he waswearing a sleeveless hoodie! of course, no muscle, but that's exactly the type of body i want my boyfriend to have - tall, lean and not too skinny, not too fat, not too muscle-ey. so i give up.

until the couple went off and i took over .

and then i started scanning the mall. no possible my-age guys around. and then came this guys in a black hoodie and shorts. i looked at him and he looked at me for a milisecond and then his friend came and tried to attack him. Boys.

so i continued my search. and i saw this group of 3 boys, maybe 14 to 15 years old. one of them was wearing a brown long sleeve t-shirt and jeans. his hair's scruffy, sort of like Roxas's, only shorter. and black, of course. his skin is slightly dark. he's not so cute, and that ugly either - average, like me. he seems like the kind of guy that doesn't hang out with girls so much, unlike a guy i have a crush on who is super cute but has a girlfriend and i so totally hope i could get over him but i couldn't. he's sort of my dream guy, really. sort of. i don't even know him. just his looks.

and so that's the most... wait, no, that's not the best part.

So Midvalley is a mall, rite? with KIDS and teens and MEN and people and OLD PEOPLE who could get hearts attacks, rite? and shops, many shops, restaurants, magazines, books, cafe's, clothing store, hypermarket, MUSIC STORES, with PICTURES OF ALBUM BY AMERICAN PEOPLE WHO DON'T KNOW HOW TO WEAR MORE CLOTHES, rite? yeah, so i was walking casually, on my way to the elevator with my family, practically wanting to run cuz i really wanna get home. and i pass by a music store. which maximized the picture of Mariah Carey's new album cover. and you know how these people are with their kekurangan kain untuk buat baju and stuff. so there it is, a picture of Mariah Carey, Half-boob way up. okay, this wasn't so intimadating, cuz it's her back, but partial boobs. but you can see THE EDGES OF THE NIPPLE. like literally, there's a black line at the edge of the boob. And if you were leaning on the wall, on Mariah's face, maybe, turn a bit to the left and you can see. if you were bored and was just observing the human behaviour, and giving a little bit more attention to everything then usual, YOU WOULD SEE IT.

Yes, that's what i'm talking bout most today. Mariah Carey's boobs. but thisis a big thing - too much exposure. obviously when you read the Title it doesn't have anything to do that's because i want to see who really actually bothers to read anything i write. so yeah.
That's it.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Scary Stories

So yea...
Sorry for like, not updating..
have been real lazy lately..

So.. here's to day's posts!

This morning started out with me going to this adventure thing my mom technically forced me to go. It was okay and stuff, i rode the Flying Fox and we had to take care of these orphans WHO WERE OUR AGE. i mean, they look ELEVEN, for God's sake.

anyway, enough with boring old Sky Trexx. (Whoever's interested anyway, they have really good equipment and safety, since the trainers practically have webcams on you and remind you whenever you're doing anything wrong and and tell you how to do stuff for safety reasons. it only costs RM3, and for us, since it was for 30 students, only RM1!! So like yeah, very good. it's at Shah ALam, btw.)

OKAY, enough with that. so like, just now we went to Jaya One Simply Fusion, and we were talking about Old Town (my housing area) and my mum popped up the story of Mutiara Majestic (a building she used to work in. she moved to a better one)

"That place used to be a Chinese Theater, and one day the owners (siblings) got into a fight and one of them killed the other one. and when we were moving to the new office, the gurad always asked if i was staying there late. Then i just asked why and he told me the story. sometimes, the guard sees some legs on the penthouse at the top floor at night, just hanging there."

then Abang started a new one.

You know the bus stop near the new house? just recently a stabbed lady walked out of the house, bloodyly, and ended up dieying at the bus stop. there were many people, and a mak cik who were selling stuff there was the first person to actually see the lady walk, half dead, to the bus stop. the house is now abandoned."

freaky. and i'm writing this at night without anyone around.

yeah, so that's it. it's just to tell that your housing area could have some seriously freaky history, or sumthin freaky just recently happen. so whatever it is, just tell me on my cbox or comment!! let's share the freakiness...