Sunday, November 15, 2009

Another Lame Sunday

Can you say "LAME"?
I'm sure you can.
unless you're deaf. Or can't talk or whatever you call that in English (I'm Malaysian, btw)

Anyway, today was SO BORING. I sat at home, either eating, talking, watching TV or in front of computer. Or folding clothes. But really, the only thing I can talk about is the new weekly maid and my Holiday Allowance Program. (Both have something to do with work, BTW)

So the new maid's name is Rina. Kak Rina is what i call her. Married, a couple of kids and 30 years old. Is trying to come on every Saturday so that she won't clash with my piano class.

so next is my work. i have set up a schedule that i'll follow in order to get allowance during the school holiday. RM20/+ per week. i just hope it will work out. and my parents won't be so kedekut (cheapskate) to give me more than 20 bucks. I'm starting when school's over.

So yea that's it. and i just wish Bakmal would stop playing the computer and downloading porn because his SPM is next Wednesday. And i need the computer all to my self. :)

Well, i guess that's it. Here's a list of what we're serving at I Amanah's Class Party..!!!

Domino's Pizza (Meat Mania, Vegie sumthin for the vegetarians, Aloha Chicken <3 , Seafood sumthin, sumthin Chicken and plain cheese for dieters... :D)

Roti Jala (provided by me, but still have to pay XD)

Soft drinks and juice

Spaghetti made by Pn. Normah (our class teacher)

Desserts provided by MasNurin Nasuha, I'm not sure if it's a cake, cupcakes or a truffle (?).

So come over and have a nice feast! If you like to stuff your face with food from your own class and then other people's classes. :D I doubt anybody else will be eating it anyway, just us AWESOME 1 A-yers.

That's it!! Goodnight, sleep tight. Oh yeah. Here's something weird my bro likes to listen to.

Eminem, Must Be The Ganja..

Must've been the ganja,
or maybe the miruajana,
*sumthin i'm not sure of* i don't mind
Maybe it's the hindie,
that has gotten in me
Must've been the reason that i'm so high.

and that ends today's post!!! Wait, no..
Whoever can play the piano, try these notes.. the comma means lower, up comma means higher.. space means wait a little longer, it's a crotchet. It's a Bb major.


It's Roxas's Theme. very sad. Goodbye!!

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