Saturday, November 28, 2009

Big Bad Wolf Book Sale

Got four books all at the price of RM 8! even this book I saw at MPH it costs like RM 36.90, it's RM 8!! It's the fourth book of this series me and my friends read but got stuck when they didn't want to buy the books anymore. I told them bout the fourth book, but thet didn't seem as excited as I am about it. Maybe because I've been borrowing their books and never actually bought it, so they're pissed off. Sorry Yen Fern and Cyrene! I already bought the new one, but unluckily wont be in same class next year! :(

So I tengah berangan that I'll meet 'him' at the book sale and we chat and then we got together (berangan je lebih!) but I didn't even see any hot guys. :( Urgh, never mind. Ooh, and I KNOW he's single because that's what he said at his description under his picture. :)

Speaking bout boys, you know the famous kembar lima? Yea. I know them. But they're nice - notexactly popular material. but nice. and they got 3 boys in their little groupie... F, H and Z who goes to Samad (so if you know them, you should know who I'm talking bout, yea?) So I met them at the book sale. My mom was looking at the magazines and when she wanted to pay for 'em, I stack our books on the table corner and they fell. Wearing quite tight jeans, I hesitated to bend down to grab 'em when suddenly I heard 'Elyna' and turned around and lo and behold, Ika, Ida and F is there, seeing me trying not to show my butt off. Thing is, F went to the Musical Drama. He SAW me. He stared at me in the 'Is that who I think it? No way' way. And seeing me, in this very awkward position, is VERY awkward. So I waited a few seconds for them to move on for me to grab the books, but I'm still embarrassed. Is my butt big? Was the jeans too tight until they say my panties? Gawd, I'm seriously EMBARRASSED.

So done with that. Just now our electric got shot. Yeah, with a gun. :O Nolah, heehee. So we got back home and had to open the gate ourselves (more like, myself) and carry the heavy plastic bags of books and Giant stuff and Guardian stuff and we had to try to open the electric and call some people and stuff. So my legs were hurting and I had to go to the toilet and my mom's sick. Bayangkan. Haish. Good thing we got books to make ourselves happy. :) So yeah. Tata~

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