Monday, November 16, 2009

Class PARTEY 1 Amanah 2009

It started out okay. then I started taking pictures. then the bell rung. And that's when everything went crazy.

At first some was like, "Wait for the teacher!" and then after a while, they just eat everything. it was a normal class party, with eating and games and camwhoring.

and some bullying. okay, they said thnx but STILL. some bitches didnt / said but didnt mean it, just for the sake of being 'nice'.

niways, enough with THAT. i dunno why but i am so LAZY to update. it's just because today's the class party. so supposingly i'm expected to update. just like im expected to upload pix and tag, but FB is so Effing Annoying. so this is my third try.

i really need writers for Sweet Honey Lemon so huever's interested enter this website and just read one of the posts. (you'll know which one from the blog archive) Looking for anyone hu's commited enough and has talent/ NO SIMPLE GRAMMAR MISTAKES PLEASE. tq.

so yea. this is the blog.

DON'T ASK ME WHERE I GOT THE SKIN. my friend did it. :)

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