Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Field Trip to the Outer Gates of My House

So today I was planning to go to the library, but my plan was ruined when I overslept and missed breakfast (the time before dad leaves for work and anything involving money have to be discussed at this time. I was thinking bout renewing my card.) So my mom already knew bout my plan but didn't say a thing to dad. Rupa2nya dah ade plan sendiri. She invited me to go to her office so I spent the morning first using mom's laptop then finishing Phantom of the Opera before school even started then using Kak Iza's computer then mom called for lunch.

So lunch was with Mom, Abang and Kak Ain. We ate at Uncle Chilli's at Amcorp Mall. Then we bought ice cream at McDonalds then some bread from this small bakery. Then we went back home. Kak Ain invited me to follow her to Shah Alam for some work. So yeah. We went for work first (I got eye contact with this hot guy. Not exactly hot hot, but like small body fit hot. And cute. <3 only a REAL hot guy would wear a black T-shirt on a hot sunny day.) then we went to Section 13 looking for this baby shop which I think exists, but most probably invisible. We went round and round and round the many blocks, and still couldn't find it until we only have less than half tank left - just enough to go back home.

So we got back home and Kak Ain used the computer (she knows the password - I got 8 minutes of internet!) and the after a few stuff happened I'm here. So yeah. I think I'm going to ask dad if I can go tomorrow (library, I mean). So here's a Piano Class record - hopefully you won't get bored.

Sonatina - After more than a month of this song, I STILL couldn't get it perfect. It's almost there, but I make mistakes everytime I take my mind off the song - but then again, no matter how much I concentrate I still afford to make mistakes. Hopefully my next try I will get it right. Like teacher says, 'Practice doesn't make perfect, the right way of practicing will make it perfect.' So yeah. Maybe I have to change my technique.

The Tailor's Song - It's still too early to tell if I'm good at this song, but it's so simple and my type, I'm getting the hang of it. :)

Thank You Mrs. Bach - Teacher told me that this is an exam song. Like I don't know. It's still real hard for me to catch up, so I tried repeating my weak parts, and practice an extra bar because it seems like the same melody with the one before, just a different interval. Wish me luck that I will get the whole song prepared before school starts again. :)

Hanon finger exercise - I'm getting better at number 13, but my staccatos are still not so good. teacher told me to do it faster, but it's quite hard. She told me to do at least 5 times for each type of exercise, but I only did twice. I hope she doesn't notice how tired I am of it.

That's all. :) Thank You for your patience and reading until the end of what most probably don't make much sense to people who do not play musical instruments, but it's really important to do finger drills before playing. It's like warming up before playing a game.

BTW, Hanis!! I just watch a bit of this show in Astro Prima, Qalesya, and its actually in an Agama school, but they also have lovey-dovey.  :) so at first I thought that you are so weird - going to an Agama school and having crushes, but now I see that this is common. :) They look so cute (the couple I mean). Qalesya pown CANTIIIKK!! Mew...

Okay, that's it I guess. Bye~ Askum...

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