Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Last Day of School 2009 :'(

So yea. Today is the last of 1 Amanah 2009. :( I feel so sad... I'm going to miss these guys SO much (except for those two bitches)... Today rather than having fun for the last time, it was really more frustrating than i thought. it was so sad and everybody's mood was down... except when we did the funny movie Chronicles of Mr. Twinkle. Future will be uploaded to Youtube.

Hui Wei actually cried!!! and the group that has most people crying was the "Tudung Group" (the only ones that aren't in this group and wear tudung are me, Nurin, Adilah, Farah and Syahirah). The only ones that WEREN'T crying were Laila and Azureen ker?? and Hidayah. So SAD.

Anyway, I got 2G with Laila, Iylia/Lea and Ashwini. Adilah got 2D. Nurin got 2B. Hanna and Cassandra got 2H. (Smarty pants). Talya got 2A. Huhu, I'm gonna miss these people SO MUCH. I dunno how I'm EVER gonna click with anybody else. They're my BESTEST FRIENDS (other than Hanis, ofc)...

BTW, mase balek i tak balek. i had to wait for my mom's meeting to finish which did at 3.45 p.m. That is NOT how i wanted to end this year's schooling session.

i remember last year...

*flash back*

the school started with everyone getting ready for the jamuan. we had so much fun, especially signing everyone's clothes and writing "Kiss my Ass" or "Kick my Butt". Haha, those were the times...
Then we went to the dewan and had a goodbye session with the teachers (i remember i hugged Ms. Loo so hard... :'( ) Kai and the gang sang "Graduation" by Vitamin C while Marina played the guitar... then when the last bell from SSP we heard, we all walked away, knowing there would never be another experience like in SSP, where we woke up everyday to in six years...

i even hugged my crush. it wasn't the personal, real hug. the friendly hug where you just put one hand over the other's shoulders.. but i really felt it. when i got into the car, i started crying. and crying and crying and crying. i couldn't even believe myself how much i cried. but that's then. now i'm in sri aman, moving on - even if i didn't want to.

just now a looked through a few of Vie's pix on facebook. and i couldn't stand it. i couldn't look at their faces, the faces i used to see, but not anymore. the faces that has long been gone, covered by these new people i met for less than a year, and then i saw them back, it's as if i'm back to square one. i closed the tab afterwards of Vie's pix. i couldn't look at it.

so yeah. when i got back home, my bro's handsome friend was there. XDDDD Iwannn... so HENSEM... and then that night my mom told us how 'unprepared' bakmal is for his SPM, and she said that Iwan dah ltak siap transparent pencil box dengan IC skali kat dalam tu. Ooo, a guys who likes to take things seriously and be ready. I like. XD

orait.. i think that's it... don't forget to visit www.sweethoneylemon.blogspot.com, OKAY? thnx.. Tata and askum..

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