Tuesday, November 24, 2009

locked and sealed.

HUUUUUUUHHH One whole day without visiting my Facebook led to a total of 26 notifications. Me and my parents had a fight last night and today I got my punishment. My computer's passworded!! And the worst thing is, I DON'T KNOW THE PASSWORD!

Yeah, so I spent the whole day either practicing piano, doing chores or draw. And I drew this girl... Never mind. Huh, I don't wth to blog about. Oh yeah, I have such good hearing (self praise is no praise) I got the tune of Afternoon Streets on the piano!!! I'm so happy, but Bakmal is not in the mood so I'm not gonna tell him just yet. :P I can't wait till I buy my manuscript book! I'm gonna write down a whole bunch of song notes in it! Can't wait, but don't know where the hell to buy one. I thought teacher was gonna buy it, but she didn't and I'm not about to ask her where to buy one. I'm gonna find it myself. I wonder if Popular has it... Okay, tata, I just sneezed and my mom told me to eat Vitamin C. :P bye~

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