Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Meow... I Miss School Already


Okay, if you read the last post,you know who I'm talking about. Iwan. My bro's very cute friend! XD

Okay, back to earlier today. So I told you guys about me taking up chores for allowance, right? So today i was supposed to take out the trash and wash clothes (include hang, angkat and fold) but i didn't take out trash. i woke up a little late. :D So yea. i woke up terus berus gigi terus sidai baju terus basuh another batch. Baru tadi my mom complain lagi... Haizzz So after that i (typically) makan and maen computer, and totally forgot about the clothes. -_-

and then when my mom balik terus marah2. she said she told me to sweep the floor (???) and then she told me it was when she woke me up. -_______________- DUUUHHH of course lah i tak ingat!! baru bangun!! pfftt... but of course (again) i didn't say that. i just swept the floor, like a maid. kalau die tak bayar pown she treats me like a maid...

niways, my dad brought a new printer!! XD Yay! And with UM money!!! Yay! Saying that it's for a project!!! Yay!

so my bro asked if there's anything to test-print, and i ambik kesempatan print a piano music sheet. XD  but still, it's okay for testing black and white printers, and still useful. daripada print gambar, and then after that you do nothing with it. Betol tak? X) So yeah. i printed the song Hikari from Kingdom Hearts. it seems about my grade.

huuuhhh i really wish something interesting will happen around here... it's so BORING not having friends around... :( I'm wearing Adilah's bangle all over the place! i just love it!!!! I LOVE BANGLES!!! especially adilah's from Dubai. X)

okay... i guess that's it. here's a website for anime fans that want to watch anime for free!! But you have to pay to download.. so yea. but it's faster and more practical to watch rather than youtube. So here it is.

Hope you enjoy!! I'm watching Nodame Cantabile Paris... X))

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