Monday, November 30, 2009

a million and two hatrid

i already let go of my feelings at the back of my drawing block. no need to waste space on my blog. don't feel like it anymore, anyway.

So abang changed the password of my computer so i was left at home alone yesterday. with nothing to do. so all I did was chores and practice piano and read books and sleep. BORE

So yea I slept and when the adults got back from work they didn't wake me up. and I only slept because i didn't even have anything to chew on! So I woke up, stomache almost empty. Went to the kitchen and saw A PLATE OF BEFORE FRIES NOW EMPTY. I can tell from the last piece of fries that i took. there was only the oily tissue and burnt crumbs left. URGH.

So I decided to give them the cold shoulders. ignore them for a while. not help them at the kitchen for dinner. until dinner and i couldn't help socializing because it IS my family. I can't stand it.

So after dinner I asked abang if I can use the computer (more like asking him if he can type down the password so I could use the computer already!!) and he said no. obviously i thought it was a joke. then he said, "Ask mom." mom said no. THAT was when I was really pissed off. What did I NOT do to make them happy? What the hell did I do to make them hate me so much? Like, even if they don't mean it, what use is it for us? They say its for the better. HELL. It's still gonna be the same. We're still gonna curse them and stuff (we as in me and Bakmal, BTW) . And I don't see, really, I seriously don't, see how this is going to make a better of us in the future. It's just INTERNET. macam Bakmal cakap, macam budak2, letak password la apela. and HE MANAGED TO HACK THE COMPUTER. he really did. but his reason was to play Dota and he couldn't because he used a different type of Windows setting and it couldn't read the Garena thing. So he switched it off. I'm using Dad's computer which Bakmal HID FROM EVERYBODY INCLUDING ME. now I hate them all. He couldn't even bother to tell me, knowing that I will most probably DIE of boredom.. Okay, this is a huge paragraph.

So yea. Last night I sort of merajuk. I didn't want to teman my mom who didn't have Ayah to peluk (Dad's at Australia - The only way Bakmal would've gotten his laptop) But in the end I couldn't help but feel guilty and slept with mom anyway. And now I'm gonna talk about something else.

OMG you will NOT believe what I just saw. I was stalking HIM again and guess what.

There was a 'Top Follower kerr something like that.

And I was his 3rd.

He didn't comment about it, don't even know if he notices, but YEAH. they KNOW I'm stalking him.


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