Sunday, November 29, 2009

my problem

I have a problem with anime/RPG characters. i prefer them to real boys. Like Farah Vazeer said, "My boyfriend's Spongebob". hahaha, yeah. only my boyfriend's not Spongebob, it's Roxas <3 Ehh, sorry Namine.. hahaha...

Okay, fine, real boys are better, but they're so hard to approach. fine, i'm the scaredy cat, but i just dont want the impression of a slut. At least i think about these things before making people hate me. *talking bout adilah, you know, from our class and hanis, you know THE girl tuu*

So I got nasihat. So like yesterday he was online. I wanted to say something but i was too scared. And I termiss from chatting with him from panicking. So here's some nasihat from my good friends...

Hanis : Let the guy start first. If not, pretend that you tersilap orang.

Hanna: Yea, I'd start. I'll just say hi and see how it goes.

Farah: you should just start first. I called *someone i cant remember* and it was totally worth it.

So yeah. I decided to pretend i'm bored and randomly picking anybody's hu's online (when its not random at all) and just go with the flow~ So yeah. now I'm waiting. Bye~

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