Friday, November 20, 2009

New Aim

I have a new year aim. Here's one of 'em cuz the whole list will be posted on years eve.

1. Maintain my body shape/size. I don't mind height, it's just that there's a few t-shirts of mine I'm afraid if I have a bigger size than I can't wear them anymore. :(

So yea. That's it. Today's supposed to be my day-off but my mom keeps reminding me after an instruction like, "I'm paying you, you know." Yes, I know, but i thought we had an agreement through a schedule. You keep telling me to do things OFF schedule, now today's supposed to be a day-off, and you're telling me to do stuff, reminding me that you're paying me??? WTF lah! But of course, I didn't say anything. She's MOM for God's sake. i know she just never want to lose. she's always the right one. ALWAYS. which is not fair.

Okay, that's it then. TATA..

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