Saturday, November 14, 2009

No Entry

So this is 14/11/09's post.

Today was Fun, Boring and Ridiculous.

In the morning, i literally got a wake up call by mom. Then i ate. Then the usual stuff. Then cooking (which i didn't do so much cooking) and then lunch and then read and then sleep and then wake up and then play internet and then went to Mid Valley. Here's the interesting / boring to me part.

so yea. we entered the parking and dad totally broke a rule. he entered a road from a way it totally and clearly wrote "No Entry". But we got a parking anyway so whatever. and then we entered the mall. my first search: BOYS.

Yeah, i know what-a-slut-or-bitch-have-nuthin-else-to-do.. what do you expect (again) ? i school in a girl school where there aren't even any hot guy teacher. there was this handsome one, but i think he was a practical. i don't see him anywhere anymore. anyway.

so my mission did not succeed until after a short shop of undies for my mom. we were waiting for dad to come back from carrefour so we waited in front of Jusco. So there were no seats so i had to stand. my mom and bro sat. until i couldn't stand it any longer...!! i searched around the circular bench if there's any space anywhere else. Jackpot! there was a small space in between this couple and a few plastic bags. i was about to sit when i noticed there was a teen guy sitting there, playing a PSP. i didn't want to sit next to a guy with a PSP!! not only is there a chance of envy and possible eager and curiousity of what he's playing, also the fact that he waswearing a sleeveless hoodie! of course, no muscle, but that's exactly the type of body i want my boyfriend to have - tall, lean and not too skinny, not too fat, not too muscle-ey. so i give up.

until the couple went off and i took over .

and then i started scanning the mall. no possible my-age guys around. and then came this guys in a black hoodie and shorts. i looked at him and he looked at me for a milisecond and then his friend came and tried to attack him. Boys.

so i continued my search. and i saw this group of 3 boys, maybe 14 to 15 years old. one of them was wearing a brown long sleeve t-shirt and jeans. his hair's scruffy, sort of like Roxas's, only shorter. and black, of course. his skin is slightly dark. he's not so cute, and that ugly either - average, like me. he seems like the kind of guy that doesn't hang out with girls so much, unlike a guy i have a crush on who is super cute but has a girlfriend and i so totally hope i could get over him but i couldn't. he's sort of my dream guy, really. sort of. i don't even know him. just his looks.

and so that's the most... wait, no, that's not the best part.

So Midvalley is a mall, rite? with KIDS and teens and MEN and people and OLD PEOPLE who could get hearts attacks, rite? and shops, many shops, restaurants, magazines, books, cafe's, clothing store, hypermarket, MUSIC STORES, with PICTURES OF ALBUM BY AMERICAN PEOPLE WHO DON'T KNOW HOW TO WEAR MORE CLOTHES, rite? yeah, so i was walking casually, on my way to the elevator with my family, practically wanting to run cuz i really wanna get home. and i pass by a music store. which maximized the picture of Mariah Carey's new album cover. and you know how these people are with their kekurangan kain untuk buat baju and stuff. so there it is, a picture of Mariah Carey, Half-boob way up. okay, this wasn't so intimadating, cuz it's her back, but partial boobs. but you can see THE EDGES OF THE NIPPLE. like literally, there's a black line at the edge of the boob. And if you were leaning on the wall, on Mariah's face, maybe, turn a bit to the left and you can see. if you were bored and was just observing the human behaviour, and giving a little bit more attention to everything then usual, YOU WOULD SEE IT.

Yes, that's what i'm talking bout most today. Mariah Carey's boobs. but thisis a big thing - too much exposure. obviously when you read the Title it doesn't have anything to do that's because i want to see who really actually bothers to read anything i write. so yeah.
That's it.

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