Friday, November 13, 2009

Scary Stories

So yea...
Sorry for like, not updating..
have been real lazy lately..

So.. here's to day's posts!

This morning started out with me going to this adventure thing my mom technically forced me to go. It was okay and stuff, i rode the Flying Fox and we had to take care of these orphans WHO WERE OUR AGE. i mean, they look ELEVEN, for God's sake.

anyway, enough with boring old Sky Trexx. (Whoever's interested anyway, they have really good equipment and safety, since the trainers practically have webcams on you and remind you whenever you're doing anything wrong and and tell you how to do stuff for safety reasons. it only costs RM3, and for us, since it was for 30 students, only RM1!! So like yeah, very good. it's at Shah ALam, btw.)

OKAY, enough with that. so like, just now we went to Jaya One Simply Fusion, and we were talking about Old Town (my housing area) and my mum popped up the story of Mutiara Majestic (a building she used to work in. she moved to a better one)

"That place used to be a Chinese Theater, and one day the owners (siblings) got into a fight and one of them killed the other one. and when we were moving to the new office, the gurad always asked if i was staying there late. Then i just asked why and he told me the story. sometimes, the guard sees some legs on the penthouse at the top floor at night, just hanging there."

then Abang started a new one.

You know the bus stop near the new house? just recently a stabbed lady walked out of the house, bloodyly, and ended up dieying at the bus stop. there were many people, and a mak cik who were selling stuff there was the first person to actually see the lady walk, half dead, to the bus stop. the house is now abandoned."

freaky. and i'm writing this at night without anyone around.

yeah, so that's it. it's just to tell that your housing area could have some seriously freaky history, or sumthin freaky just recently happen. so whatever it is, just tell me on my cbox or comment!! let's share the freakiness...

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