Friday, November 20, 2009

Shopping Trip!

Today we had a shopping trip to KLCC! :D I got a new blouse!

Okay, from the start. First, our aim was obviously ISetan. They had an early sale for members. It was suppose to start tomorrow (Year End Sale, a.k.a. Y.E.S.) but yeah. They had a preview sale. Mom came yesterday after a trip from Ampang Park (she bought a blouse there, VERY nice, my mom has a sense of style) and saw a pair of pants that totally match the blouse, but today there was a 10% off, so she decided to bring us along to buy it. So I got a blouse..!!!

So after that it was the boys turn. My bro didn't want anything (at least, didn't find anything his taste) so while dad paid for his part of the shop, Bakmal and I went to Kinokuniya..!! Here's a list of interesting books I thought dad would buy me for the holidays...

1. An series adventure book, Moon and Sun, with the cost of RM33.90 for the amount of 200+ pages.

2. A two book series, a typical teen fiction, but seems quite interesting. Not different like the first one, but interesting. RM29.90

3. A boring-looking thick books which costs RM26.90. Okay, fine this isn't exactly an option, but it is if your dad is like mine.

But then Bakmal came and said dad and mom's waiting at the food court. (Na, jom, ayah kat Picnic. Picnic? Bukan ke dah tukar name? Signatures, Jomla.)

So, yea. I ate Subway (Farah, are you reading this? You're crazy of it right?) . So after that we went to solat Maghrib. And then we ate ice cream at Burger King. Then me and Bakmal went to buy comics / magazines. Then we went back home. Wait, I forgot to tell you the girlish part! This all sounds so boring!

Okay, so while I was waiting for dad and mom and Bakmal, I sat down. And then there was this lady that sat beside me. She's pretty, but she seems like the type that would say "i don't want to talk to this nerd, seems so uncool". Then there was this kid. And then we looked at each other then I look away, feeling myself blush. See, I have a problem. I don't blush to hot older guys. Only to cute younger kids and boys my age which is weird, really. I wish I would blush to older boys. But I couldn't! I don't know why. I'll try my best. GANBATTE!!!

So yeah. When we walked out of Kinokuniya, i saw this SO HANDSOME guy!!! Very the handsome, and alone. Wore a blue hoodie with jeans. Spiky hair. I remember the other day we were at KLCC and me and my bro saw this hot, handsome emo guy. Okay, fine, he wasn't like super emo, but he wore this black hhodie with dark jeans and under-the-ear hair style, like if you trim a girl's hair or an over grown boys hair. Serious, handsome gile sampai I think my brother was STARING at his handsome-ness.

Okay, yea,. that's it. Comment/CBOX! Or go to!! Askum... tata

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