Sunday, November 22, 2009


Hahahaha, I'm stalking someone I find handsome...
Here's a few points about him that I found out...

Goes to Bukit Bintang
Plays Farmville
Likes Social Interview (a lot)
Doesn't know what pet peeves is
I believe knows who Chun Kit is
Secretly likes songs that (I think) Bakmal do (Black Metal, blablabla)

So yeah. And and and and his birthday is on.... 17th October. And he knows some Sri Aman gurls (duhh, budak BB lah plak. If he's form 2 at least, then he would know some Sri Aman gurls.) And he has no girlfriend... I dunno he sounds like Bakmal when he was 14. Budak BB, knows gurls (my bro even had a gf at age 13). I don't think he's from SSP though. And unlike Bakmal, he uses frequent English like me. And he goes to Dubai a lot. Once. I dunno.

And all this information, The one thing that I haven't told you is the name. DUH, if I tell the name then it wouldn't be a secret. I want even the littlest bit of secret left untold. :P If you want to know you have to be a best friend like Adilah or Hanis. Sorry but anybody other than these two plus Lea and Nurin I can never tell.

Well, not like you wanna know or anything, right?

So yeah. Today we went to a majlis pertunangan where our entertainment (our meaning me and Kak Ain) was cucu Pak Uda... hahaha so cute with 5 year old Sara and dunno-how-old-boy and the few months old baby gurl, they look so cute. Sarah is like the responsible, love everyone gurl but doesn't know how to take care of herself. The boy is (typically) messy and active and the baby gurl lurves her brother and laughs to everything her sister do. It was such a cute view, everybody with their own personalities, I wonder how they'll be like grown up??

Oh yea, I have an anak sedara / nephew that looks like a friend of mine from SSP. I don't want to mention his name, but you can see from the SSP reunion he's the second guy from the left on the first row holding a guitar. My BFFs will understand why this is disturbing to me. He's close to Sarah (my nephew la) and that's why he came to mind.

So now I'm tired of blogging. Good night. :)

*Here's what he says about himself... hahahahaha*

Cool, Play the Guitar.......funny....Handsome :P......Malay.....Footsal player(goalkeeper)......Basketball player(Lastman).......Smart but not the nerdy types.....well maybe dats the colour 4 sisters no brother no little sister or brother....LOVE LISTENING TO some games.....etc.

*He's the youngest like me :D prasan smart :P goalkeeper kewl I like underdogs, PLAY GUITAR omg I might have found my soulmate :D*

*I keep patah balik to edit the post again and again... the additions keep adding up, huh?*

*OH OH OH he IS from SSP... Form 3... :s*

*Okay okay bye now... :D*

*OH he plays this online game Crimson Moon. Dah. Last. Promise. Bye.*

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