Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sunday. Piano Class. Happiness.

ITALIAN TERMS for Grade 5 (Used by the String Family which includes violin, viola, cello and double bass)

Col Legno - The wooden part of the bow is used to tap on the strings

Sul ponticello - The player bows the strings on or near the bridge

Pizzicato - The player plucks the strings instead of bowing it

Con Sordino - A mute, a small clip is fixed on the bridge of the instrument to reduce the vibrations from the strings for a quiet and muffled effect. Sordini (mutes) is the plural of 'Sordino'.

Spiccato - the player skims the bow off the strings to create a crisp and light effect (this is almost the same as staccatto for piano, except this is lighter, staccatto is more drastic or depends on the song)

Slallato - The bow is bounced up and down the string to create a short and crisp affect. (this is mostly like staccatto. just the name's different)

Maltellato - The player plays each note heavily and seperately to create a shivering effect

Tremoto - The bow is made to quiver very rapidly to create a shivering affect

Vibrato - The player uses the left hand to shake the strings as it stops the strings when they are not playing fast. This creates a wobbly effect.

Double stopping - The bow is played so 2 strings vibrate at the same time so that 2 notes can be played.

Triple stopping - Same as above, but play 3 strings at the same time.

Yeah, I'm just in the mood for music. <3

Songs I'm currently into:

Allegro Cantabile (Nodame Cantabile)
Afternoon Streets (Kingdom Hearts)
Through My Window (Bunkface)
Higher and Higher (Rave)

Anime/Manga I'm currently into:

Fairy Tail
Nodame Cantabile

Google searches are mostly of:

Piano sheets for certain songs
Pictures of Obata Yuuki's 'We Were There' covers
Anime watch/read

Most activities around the house:

Chores (I got RM 20 today!!)
Play piano
Use computer
Sleep/Read Phantom of the Opera while Bakmal use computer (What a wonder, no TV)

Most activities online:

Read manga / watch anime (although now a days manga is way better)
Facebooking (recently bored with apps so uploaded random pictures and tag my pals :D)
Read blogs
Write (okay, this is offline, so what?)

Okay. I'm bored of blogging. I really want teacher to teach me Afternoon Streets but it's something I could learn myself and I'm getting ready for Grade 5 Practical exam... So new songs are up teacher's sleeves!! Oh yeah, last list...

Musical Progress...

Practical Grade 5, will be taking exam on May/June 2010
Theory Grade 5, will be taking exam on May/June 2010

Hoping to take Grade 6 Practical on 2010, or skip it and take Grade 7 Practical on Nov/Dec 2011 so that I would be a Grade 8 before Form 5!!

Those are my hopes and dreams... <3

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