Wednesday, November 25, 2009

the True Me

My True Colour (taken in Application Quizzaz on Facebook)
You’re soul is gold, the colour of goodness, bravery and leadership. Gold souls are warm and friendly to anyone around them. They make anyone feel welcome and treat everyone as an equal. Their good deeds make them popular all around and many people go to them for help, advice, or even just a good chat. Gold souls will always put others before themselves. However, gold souls will often neglect their own emotions as they so often act on what will make others happy. Although you may want to please everyone all the time, stop and think of your actions. Does it make you happy or are you living with a terrible sadness while others around you walk away happy? Do something for yourself once in a while. Look out for number 1!
(I LOVE this. But it's only 98% true. I'm not popular, one thing. And sometimes I can be selfish too. So maybe I'm more of a silver or brass. Who knows?)

~ Who are you? ~ (I'm Elyna. Nice to meet you.)


You are very Emotional witch gives you the gift of Understanding.     You can easily see both side of any story. You feel people's pain and joy. It makes you more friendly and kind then others. Barley anyone can't call you a good friend. You also see through most lies. You read everybody like a book.          Even though most people love being around you, there is a bad side. You are more moody and harder to understand then others. Your much more passionate then other, so you get hurt much easier. You may be happy one min, but the next you could slide in to depression.     You may understand other people, but it is hard for them to understand you.

(The part 'You read everybody like a book' is partially wrong because it's more like, 'You read people like you read minds - which is impossible.)

So yeah, I got the password :P Bakmal is overly excited that Add Maths is over. So he asked for the password claiming that he's practically done. Except for Chemistry, BM, Sejarah, Lakaran Kerja and something else... (I looked at his timetable, don't think I bother memorizing his timetable :P) Okay, hope you like the song below... I love it. <3 To my Best Friends! All of my friends!! I LOVE YOU GUYS! ;D

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