Monday, November 23, 2009

weird dream

Okay, so just now my bro came home from SPM exam and immediately wants to play his Dota thing. So not knowing wth to do, I slept and had this weird dream. Enjoy~


So it started clearing out starting from me back in 1A. Everything was as normal after the finals, when suddenly Ms. Foo barges in our fun and said she had a Pop Exercise Test (familiar to Pop Quiz). I panicked because I didn't bring my sports clothes!! I remembered that I had a locker which I share with my friend, and I can borrow her extra clothes for a while.(without permission, of course. she barely uses the locker, she'll never know they were gone.)

But too late, the test was already starting. There were people without sports clothes lining up, but I'm sure their marks will be deducted. So I hurriedly change while getting in line (yeah, publicly!!) then my friends gather around to help cover me. They were in sports clothing too. and then teacher noticed. She tegur us and I was midway putting on my pants!! Good thing everyone's a girl... So I got kicked out of class but all my friends were gathering around me and it was hard for me to move so I had to ask them to move (nicely) and then i got out. I don't know where it came from, but suddenly I got somethings that looked like it needs fixing. I went to the park. (at school la)

I was trying to figure the thing out when suddenly I noticed I left my glasses while I was changing!! Then a voice called out.

"Hey!" I looked up. It was a guy who was going up the form 4 stairs. "Have you tried using a glue and a string?" I looked at the broken things I got on my lap. For some reason, this seemed like a brilliant idea, and I wonder why I never thought of it before. (LOL) I looked up, but I didn't say a thing. The guy smiled (somehow I could tell without my glasses) and continued his journey up the stairs.

I didn't do anything but looked up as he went up the stairs and into his class (since when did I go to a co-ed school??) and after that I went to get some glue and strings (still, LOL) from my class and there, lo and behold, was my glasses. I put it on and search for glue and string. I left the broken things at the park. So I got the glue (mine) so now the string. I wanted to go to the teacher's room (there's always string on a teacher's table, I never know why) and I heard a familiar voice. It was the guy that helped me out! I wanted to see who it was, but then I heard he was with his friends, and was saying "haha, lynn, lynn, haha." which was weird. they sounded like they laughing at me, but not like at me, just something about me (they could be holding a laptop, and laughing about something through the internet that I wrote. there were many possibilities) so I changed my mind. I continue searching for string and found some by a window of a class and I decided to just take it. Then I went back to the park.

On my way, I saw the back of the head of, I believe, the guy that helped me out! So I went for him, but it was too crowdy. The people who were passing by pushed me the opposite way so I lost sight of him. I gave up and went back to the park. I took the broken things and sat at a bench. I looked up in the sky and dreamed (things of I'm not so sure of, some are previous dreams that I seem to have forgotten) and dreamed and dreamed off to space...


So after that my bro woke me up and told me that mom wanted me to help her at the kitchen. After that dream, I was sure the guy in my dram was A I, a guy I had a crush on during strd 4-5. I just recently added him on Facebook. Okay, that's all. Bye bye~

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