Thursday, November 19, 2009

Why Wasn't I There???


Like any other time I browse through an album full of faces from SSP, i feel like crying. literally. I miss those guys so much. i thought I've moved on, but i haven't. i seriously haven't. This was where I've been through so much - my first crush, (he's in the pic, BTW) friendship problems, happiest moments. i could NEVER let go. NEVER.

Today my mom invited me to go to KLCC. It was so RANDOM. i really didnt want to go. so i did everything as slow as i can. and it worked!! only mom was super pissed off. she said i rugi, she wanted to buy me underwear/bras (she could've just brought it, she knows my sizes) (???) but i didnt care. i didnt wanted to go anyway!! HAHA.

i'm STILL browsing through some pictures of them. i don't know why. but something i'm sure of - a certain person likes to take a single potrait of another certain person who's not shy to show off her boobs. HAHAHA.. i lke doing this. LOL. okay, so not literally lah. i mean, she didn't actually take off her shirt and actually show it, but like maybe this was by accident. she had a bag that looked like it was heavy (?) so she heaved to one side of her body so there was a better view of her boobs (? haha lol). or maybe that was just a typical popular-girl pose (heaving to one side, sexay...?). i'll never know the real reason but yeah. you can clearly see the shape of it. okay, lets not talk about nonsense anymore. i think being the only dirty minded person that i can talk about dirty stuff in this house, i mostly blog dirtyly.

my mom actually ALSO invited me to baca yassin with her, but seriously i MALAS so i'm hoping she forgot. or she hears the click-clacking of the keyboard and thinks, biarlah budak tu, tengok kalau die ingt ke tak. that makes me feel worse. i would prefer she had forgotten herself, cuz that would be an accident, and i'm doing this on purpose. NOT FAIR. i ALWAYS feel guilty. my mom can treat me like a maid and not feel guilty about it. huhuhu... i guess that's the advantages of being a mother.

kay, that's it. bye~

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