Thursday, December 31, 2009

he loves them hoes!

AHAHAHA well Hanis, thank you for calling me a Dirty Hoe. well, apparently Ryan Higa love them hoes. XP LOL. random much?

And you have to admit! This is really cute!


(What a new year announcement)

2009. I'm Gonna Miss You.

so it's less than an hour to 2010. Okay. Lets start with achievements.

-Didn't get any position in class below number 15 (11 lowest)
-didn't get any D's (including Agama, yay!)
-Got into choir competition even though I'm form 1 (I'm not the only one, sure, but my voice isn't THAT good)
-Got into Musical Drama! One of about three or four form 1 students who got it! okay fine. some got into the drama itself. but imagine all the work on stage, better off stage. ;P
-Got AJK Photographer for Pandu Puteri like YAY (even though I'm not really good, but you know, I'm always getting ideas)
-bola jaring (netball).... -___- lets just say i attended about three meetings out of probably 15+. yea. that bad.
-Got teacher impressed ;) I just did my Level 4 piano exam this May/June, but my teacher's already teaching me exam songs. ;) next May/June I'm taking Level 5 exam, then Theory Grade 5 with Bakmal too. hopefully I'm skipping Level 6, then I can take my Level 7 exam after PMR, then I can concentrate on Level 8 before I can legally pay piano lessons myself. :P
-Did a lot of chores.

Okay. so now there's exactly 37 minutes to 2010. Make resolutions Lynn.

-I'll try to never get below ten for class position.
-Straight A's for PMR subjects for end of year exam.
-Be more active in Pandu Puteri and Netball.
-Will not make Mom sad.
-Will not miss any prayer.
-Will improve my Japanese. 

and last but not least..


okay will think about that later. memories of this year (ohemgee, i think i'm gonna cry).

-Meeting new friends. besties. and Hanis leaving Sri Aman. :'( that was the saddest memory for 6 months. then came sadder things. :P and the NAJ leaving Sri Aman too! and then both didn't attend hari kecemerlangan! and both not coming to hari sukan! (for SSP) >:( NEXT YEAR KENE DATANG.
-Sweet Honey Lemon. one of the greatest achievements (WAIT this is supposed to be under achievements!) promoted it as much as i could. wrote all the short stories I could. if any SHL reader is reading this, SORRY if I have ever offended you, disappointed you or left you guys waiting or wasted your time from reading my amature writing. whatever it is, I'M SORRY. still, SHL was a great success. our dream, me, Hanis and Najiya. it started from a book. a sypnosis and a few poems. a little rating and chats. evolved to this. a website, our writing there for the world wide web to read. what a miracle.
-Getting many new experiences. form 1. getting accepted for prefect then not accepted. going envy then being proud. bitching and feel being bitched. feeling left out and feeling accepted. all these. in this year.

oh. and not just that. loving and missing. hating and spitting. laughing and crying. studying and playing.
all. these. in this year 2009. and growing up. growing more mature. you may call me immature, but believe me, i was even more immature before. i miss SSP, sure, but that was supposed to be last year. time has passed. time to move on. time for change.

11 minutes to 2010. can i give more resolutions?

-improve maths so that I'll ALWAYS get A, just to secure my place in accounts. ;P
-Not play so much. get a little more serious in school and life.

5 more minutes.

-Live life to the fullest.
-Learn how to cook other than anything fried or electrically cooked.
-Respect my parents and family and friends more.
-Choose my words more carefully.

3 minutes.

I dunno what to say. I guess 2009 is just another typical year. or maybe it wasn't. it changed me to see in a different angle. or am I still the same? I dunno. But I love 2009.
Not to say I don't want to enter 2010. I'm ready for school (sort of) 2 more minutes. I'm ready to go for anything that comes and meet it half way. My heart's up for anything that's about to come. strong.


fireworks blast across the sky. i can't see it, but I know it's there.

my last resolution.

make a better year.

Program Daurah Kefahaman Islam & Penghayatan Al-Quran Remaja Masjid N. Selangor

Believe it or not, that's the real name of the program. Yeah. Seriously. It was kinda sad. Even though parts of it was really fun and funny, it really was good memory.

even if i was classified as emo.
or sombong.
or outcast.

okay, maybe they don,t catogerized me, i did to myself. but whatever. in the end, i was still talking to them :)) well, except Kak Jannah. still not so much. well, don,t think ever meet her again anyway. or anybody else i'm not familiar with before. :'( how SAD.

well, i kept in contact with Kak Long, Kak Meera and Kak Alia. :) and obviously Aminah. OOH and Natrah. (she added me on facebook) hmm.

oh okay i guess i should tell how the day went.

first was normal (well, not so we wasted sometime downstairs) we read the doa, ikrar and nyanyi our typical songs (Islamic, of course) then we didn't learn. not even baca yassin (yay). we went straight to the games (sort of) Kak Long told us to say a few words but obviously, this isn't a meeting or kursus perkahwinan. so nobody volunteered or anything. so in the end Kak Long asked a few questions to some kids relating to Kak Jannah and Aliff's relationship. then we were asked our ambitions. but we stopped halfway because of the break.

Kak Long, Kak Lang and Abang Long

Aminah terpakse balik awal sebab kena jage orientation at Assunta Girl's Secondary School... :'( Oh well. she came back later. :P


during break, there was typical tea (very hot, as usual) and kuih. but there wasn't anything heavy. so i ate a plate of kuih (consists of something that looks like muffin but i know is made from gula melaka (?) yang merah tuu and karipap) plus i took a karipap from one extra plate and put the other kuih at another plate full of the same kuih. in the end those kuihs were given to the beggars upstairs.

then, when we thought we're gonna continue whatever we were doing just now, ALIFF AND THE GANG BROUGHT DOWN TWO SECRET RECIPE BOXES. :O so we went down (with Imran by my side, how ANNOYING he only wants to use my handphone. and i didn't let him. so what does he do? follow me around expecting to catch me with my handphone. SUCKER the handphone was in my bag and when i checked it i made sure he wasn't around :P ) (okay maybe i went down by myself, plus the annoying kid) then i notice everybody was gathering at the boy's eating room!so i just entered with my beloved camera~ and just took pics of the crowd and cake like anybody who bought camera did (ie Aliff and Ariz) and then we ate the cake. and then we took a picture of everybody. :)) here it is.

From right bottom - Me (:P) Anis, Ain, Najjat, Natrah, Irma. unknown. unknown. Imran. Ameer. Unknown.
From right standing - Ummi, Kak Fatin, Kak Solehah, Kak Meera, Kak Long, Kak Lang, Abang Long, Ustaz Azizul, Unknown, Unknown, Niaz, Adam (rupenye next year form 1! percaye tak?!) Unknown, Muaz
From right back- Kak Hanan, Kak Izni, Kak Jannah, Kak Alia, Ariz, Ammar, Ariff, Unknown, Unknown

so yeah. after that we went back to the eating room to say goodbye to Kak Long. :'( she had to leave early. no crying, but we sure will miss her. then we got our presents (kain sejadah yang nipis untuk travelling tu. ayah wanted it. easy for him if he goes outstation. :P) then we wrote our names for our certificate, then we went to take our bags from upstairs because we think there's other people who want to use the room and went to the meeting room. SUPERB. even though i was kinda bored, it was THE place if you have pals and want some in-the-dark fun, backgrounding Islamic songs and videos. and acquantancing teachers. :P so actually here we just did a bunch of stuff while waiting for Zohor. i understand. you can't have kids running around rumah Allah, kan? so they locked us up here. well. some perverts took their chances.

me and Kak Meera and Kak Solehah were still next to each other. and suddenly..
"Eh!" said Kak Meera. she looked under the table and some kids ran off to the table in front of us. then she pulled up her legs and sat crossed-legged on the chair. and then after a while, i felt somebody tugging on my kain. it totally freaked me out. i looked down and i saw a kopiah. i sat like Kak Meera too. after a while i watched the kids silently, eyeing the ones wearing kopiah, picking out who could be the pervert. in the end i just concluded it was the kid yang 'boleh nyanyi' tu. (his voice is like that group punye vocalist, ape, Exist?) then the lights went up and we went for Zohor. then after Zohor we had lunch!! nyum, i loved the fried chicken. small chicken, too. Ayam ape tu? ayam kampung eh? ayam kampung slalu sihat. :d and then i went back home... alalalala didudidididuu~~

so yea. btw, yesterday's tafsir Quran i already edited, then my computer hanged, so i had to restart the computer, and then when i looked at the posts, THEY DIDN'T EVEN FRIGGIN SAVE MY EDIT. so menyampah, malas nak update~ and i thought it was a good one, too! :'(

so new year's tomorrow. oh, will make a separate post for that. :)



Wednesday, December 30, 2009

oh gawsh.

last thing for tonight. Hmm. Can't seem to remember what. Come on, lynn. Remember....

Btw, dads phone.

One thing is that i will scan my doodlez during tafsir quran whe i go to my moms office.

Hmm... Oh gawsh. I really can't remember. What's wrong with me? Will tell u tomorrow when i remember. Night.

sadness much?

I was loading the niga higa videos so that Kak Ain could watch it without annoyance. i was so excited to show it when suddenly when i finish loading, i noticed the TV down stair's switched off. when i look down, Kak Ain already went to sleep. i feel SO sad. Gawd. I ws so excited to show it because I know there's nobody else in this house who would want to watch it with me but Kak Ain and when i penat-penat load it for her, she went to sleep. i literally feel like crying. like, if I go to school at least I could share it with my buddies but masalahnyer I'm at home. It's the school holidays. I have nothing to do but rewatch and rewatch this video. And then when I want to share it, kat Facebook bukan orang layan. twitter lagi boring. so who else, I ask you? Bakmal's getting ready for his midnight outing and obviously he wont get the joke so much (I think). And even if he does, he's not exactly the type of person who would discuss these type of things again and again everytime it's an awkward situation. Mom? Jangan haraplah. Either she wouldn't laugh at it, fake a laugh at the end just to tease me which will only make me feel worse or not watch it at all in the end because half way she'll say, "Boring la," which will still hurt me because I like the video. I thought it was INTERESTING and getting another opinion saying it's not? just HEARTBREAKING. Seriously. and if it's from mom, even worse. i mean, she's MOM. okay more specifically, MY mom. if she says something, we all have to agree or she's pura-pura merajuk which will annoy us all. so we have to pretend we agree with her. and it's gotten to me. now, it's as if all that mom's says IS right when sometimes it isn't.

Abang. no way. Kak Ain is like, his pengganti now from watching my 'childish' videos, and apparently where ever he goes, Kak Ain goes (except for work) so if Abang goes to sleep, so does she. If Abang goes upstairs, so does she. if Abang goes downstairs, so. does. she. now i'm not in the mood for niga higa videos. i feel too sad to be told. Oh, last person on the list? Ayah. boring old Ayah. his interests? music, guitar. well, his taste, that is. others? me getting into writing and music too. me revising all my languages (ie, Malay, English and Japanese (amature) ) and getting good grades. me browsing through his oh-so-thick books. no way he'll laugh to Niga Higa. seriously.

well, all my mom says goes right? because she's ALWAYS right, right? well, she told me to go to sleep, even though apparently don't you think that's suppose to be my decision? when to go to sleep and stuff? <----pissed off at everyone.

well, even though i totally ignored her, i'm still going to have to stop or mom wouldn't talk to me tomorrow. night. 

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

tafsir Quran12.

First time online at daddy's phone. :)) its keypad is like a real computers keyboard so I AM HAPPY.

Today was real fun. I guess. Had my outcast times, but it was good. Drew Kak Meera sambil tido and totally got caught. Almost everybody was making a fuss about it. And when Kak Long saw it, SHE also made quite a fuss. THANKS FOR THE PRAISES GUYS but really, i'm not THAT good. There are people who's better than me, and plus, i could be better. This is not the best of me. ;) wish me ganbatte on further drawing success! Well, can't really say that much yet cuz i'm afraid of this phone. O.O so will edit later! Bye and askum~


tafsir Quran11.

so today we had amali Solat. hmm. i was thinking about blogging a lot but now i'm just PLAIN LAZY. so yea. NO HAFALING YASSIN TODAY!!! :)) we just read it. and kesian kat Alif/unfair much? he had to do a lot of things. like baca doa lepas bace yassin. baca iqamat dan azan. imamkan amali solat dua/Subuh. and his friend Aris (izit?) didn't do a thing ever since he entered this thing.
oh. except bace a line from yesterdays notes.

and then we played that was sumthin like bingo and i had to osom with this random kid to decide which team (girls or boys) will start first. i lost. 5-3. biarla. i tried.

then Kak Meera and Kak Izni totally almost forced me to do a question. got an easy one. brape kah nabi dan rasul yang perlu kita ingat. duuhh. 25. only an eight year old kid would not know the answer to this. full marks 2 please~

then whatever whatever~ oh during break i wrote this lil craziness.

He's a drug.
Without him, I can't sit still. I can't be myself.
I'm not me.
Talking to him is heroin itself.
Laughing to what he says is ecstasy.
without him is dying.
my heart pumps as he types every word.
I'm getting drowsy. Where is he? Where is he? I need him. I need a sniff of his charm.
I fall on my bed as my head spin from the need.
Come on. I need you. I'm addicted.
I'm addicted to this drug.
The drug is him.

I was writing it while I was bored. there's another which is less stupid (I think this is kinda dumb. :P ) so I'm gonna post on SHL. :))

well. guess that's it. OH had a conversation with hanis and athirah. haish. those girls ahh.

hmm. seems like the school holidays just started yesterday. hui wei and hidayah cried. the most unexpected out of all people!! hui wei being a bitch (haha, just joking) (not really) and hidayah being a total lesbian stalker!!! and they CRIED. omgee. so yeah. next year only seeing Laila and Lea in 2G. :'( these are my besties who AREN'T gonna be in my class.

Adilah Aishah binti Khushairi - 2D just cuz she didn't attend the end year exam! she got chicken pox!!! i swear Adilah will obviously get the higher position in class next year. ;)

Mas Nurin Nasuha binti Mas F... something. - 2B. :'(  it's not a bad class, really!!! plus, its the same as Marishka's. ;)

Cassandra Lee binti Mohammad Aris Lee - 2H. SMARTY PANTS.

Hanna Hanafiah a.k.a. Nurul Farhanna binti Hanafiah (:P) - 2H. ahaha, u feel stupid already knowing the other people in your class? dude, you're just as smart as they are, elf.

Talya MF - 2A. same as Elyza. which doesn't convince me this is the last class either, even if Talya always gets last. :P plus, seriously? they bitch about you? GAWD i hate some of the 1C-ers of 2009. >:(

Syahira 1E - 2E. ahaha, same as this year. aww, not same class as u, babe. :( JAPANESE BUDDY

so yeah. and people that I know who's gonna enter my class -

Kaiyisha Zawawi 1D
umm.. siape lagi ekk? the only reason i ca-- nahh, wont say it. kan, Lea?? ;))

yeah well. happy new years everyone. early on two to three days. but nevermind. cant wait to see the girls again, but i bet i wish it was the school holidays after learning science. had a sneak preview. OHEMGEE we're gonna learn skin cells!!! and there's a lot of 'em. they labled it to what, about ten or nine? O.o i'm gonna hate science this year. differenciating (?) between cytoplasm and chloroplast for me is tough enough. i should be happy i got number 8 for end year. i thought i'd never be getting top ten after getting a B for ENGLISH!!! i mean seriously, we didn't even learn the format of doing part C!!! Pn. P keep telling us to understand the story, bla bla bla, react, bla bla bla, and then fill in the blanks. o.O what are we? eight? unless its grammar, of course. :)) and it was so funny reacting How Dalat got its Name. seriously. Cassandra WANTED to be Nenek Kebayan. XD ahahha, she did a gud job too. ohno, that's the BM komsas thing. we didnt do acting for Dalat. wait, we did. but i only remember the first part being acted! hmm.... I'm so forgetful. but I guess i remembered it because Aimi was the King! :)) AHAHAHA.

okay. babbling again. gudbye for now peepol of earth!!! askum~


Monday, December 28, 2009

cuz I just felt like it.

I am the queen of babbling. I sanggup update my blog for no reason before I set of to dreamland where I wish he would be in. :)

yes, just got into the niga higa craze. Nurin and Marishka talked about it almost half of the school year, and I'm just watching the videos now. =.=' and yes, I DO love the Nija Glare. :)) but this pwned thing I got was WAY funnier. OH OH is there a "How to be Emo" by them? cuz all I've heard of was just How to be Gangster and How to be Ninja. I didn't watch both. I want to watch How to be Emo. :)) just watch la~ for fun only~ sheesh. I know Laila will say something bout this. =.='

so, for two nights of sleeping in my own bedroom instead of mom's (bilik mak ade air-con! mine rosak.. :'( ) i STILL feel like sleeping in my own room. just seems BETTER. tak mengacau mak and ayah. ;)

huuuuuhh. i remembered THAT conversation and a moment I seem to suffer him. only reason was because I was typing so hard i didn't notice you were typing wanting to ask a question!!! sorry YOU!!! i didn't notice. LOL. I bet I annoyed you a bit there. :P next time use the Buzz. it has a sound. you know. that's louder than my keyboard clicking. :P

okok... guess I should just get to sleep already... so after this I'm gonna gosok tudung for tomorrow (don't trust me on getting up at seven), brush my teeth, wear facial cleanser, wash it off, ambik wuduk, sembahyang then tido. :) lately that's my every-time-before-sleep process (usually it's minus gosok tudung, and on school days its gosok baju skolah) so yea. nighty-night. :)


to YOU. ;)

kingdom hearts rock. it just does. (part 2)

I just thought of something.

Selena could be Kairi.

But somehow it seems wrong. I mean, the good things are there, which is

-Height is about the same as Dakota's.
-Have long hair
-Cheerful face.

But there's also the bad things.

-Not much of a Kairi type (especially voice, Selena has this tough voice which shows more energy and strength, while Kairi is more of a princess.)
-Doesn't have a Kairi look
-Who'll be Xion?!

So yeah. It needs a lot of thought.

meanwhile, Jesse seems a little perfect for Roxas, but not perfect to be matched with Dakota. So other blondies. (Please do not suggest Justin  Bieber. ew.) Gawsh this is hard. Should I just pick Dylan Sprouse? ..... EW NO. But it's a thought, you know. :/ Problem is, no GUY blondes they're showing. All GIRLS. sheesh. Huh. I give up. does Dylan and Dakota look good together? Because he's about to be Roxas. =__='

Dylan Sprouse and Roxas

So now on hold are Xion and Kairi. I'll save Sora for the last. So now we have the Organization 13. Other than Roxas, Larxene and Xion, of course. OH and RIKU. still haven't figured out who'd be perfect for him. OK OK, imagine this guy with silver hair, okay?


Josh Hutcherson and Riku

  Okay, as you give a thought about that, lets move on to the organization. Since we started with Roxas (13) then Larxene (12) I guess we should start backwards and next is Axel. :)

I gave the picture before. Skinny. Fit. red hair. lets think. AHAHAHA. Horatio from CSI Miami. Hmm. How bout that guy from Harry Potter? :/ British much? Axel talks like a white trying to act black. So ... maybe it doesn't have to be a red head. Just a guy who's skinny. AHAHAH. Nabil Raja Lawak. XP ni dah merepek-repek dah ni... =__='

OH OH. Transformers guy. bolehkan...? hmm. imagine him saying to Roxas / Dylan Sprouse, "You're wrong. I'll miss you." or, "But it's too late!" gawsh, those are the only lines I remember Axel saying. OH OH. "Name's Axel. Got it memorized?" X)) he says it to everyone he just met or asks who he is. Boleh ke.. umm.. Shia LaBeouf say it??? :/ hmm.... this needs THOUGHT.

OOH. he CAN. just imagined him doing it. he has THE power!!! muahahahaha!!! finally found the actor for Axel... =.=' *wipes sweat off forehead* Okay, who's next? 

Shia LaBeouf and Axel

So. Since I never realy cared the sequence of everybody (except I think Zexion is 8 or 6, and Vexen is 5. No no, Zexion's 8, cuz Lexaeus is 6.) hmm... WAIT I thought Larxene's 12. She's actually (I think) is 9!!! Because Marluxia is supposed to be belas-belasan and since Roxas's 13, Axel's 11, then Marluxia's 12!!! Then I think it's Demyx, then Larxene, then Zexion, (this is going upwards to 1 okay, don't get confused) then I think it's Luxord, then Lexaeus, then Vexen, then Saix, then Xigbar, then Xaldin, then Xemnas!!! hmm, somehow Xaldin doesn't seem in place. maybe Saix's number two.. hmm. terbalikkan!

man, I babble a lot.

so really, it's already out of place. hmm. I'm rethinking Shia. really, cuz Axel's a very SPICY character. fire. flames. spazzy words. just watch a trailer of it or something, and AS YOU CAN SEE, Axel is very very SPICY. very very very very. and Shia's more of a geeky, good-guy person. HMM. WHO can hold up a spazzy character??? hmm. if I can't think of anyone, or NOBODY WILL GIVE ME SUGGESTIONS (hello~ if you're my friend you wouldn't let me think by myself. even IF this isn't your industry or what ever.) then Shia it is. I mean, he's a good actor, he is. but SPAZZY? SPICY??? have to be re-thought. 

hmm. who next. i have a love-hate relationship with Demyx. he's next then.

FREAK DEMYX. Get your ghost/water/quaver-shaped menions (???) OFF ME!!!

I had to have like, 13 tries to get through. sigh. thank GOD THAT was over. NOT playing KH2 again. at least, not the parts before fight with Demyx. X)

cuz seriously, after all the hard work, and getting an easy fight with the boss (A.K.A. Ansem, or is it somebody else? can't tell. they're all silver haired. :/) you will give yourself a sigh of relief. and then after a boring credit (Re: Chain of Memories have the best credits, because they give previews for the next game. ;) ) you get excited and pumped up again when they get a letter from the King!!! then it ends. wait for it~ your achievements (how many times used trinity, etc, etc) then back to the main menu. play again? no way. switch off the ps2 and don't touch it for a few days. then maybe after 3rd day, (or maybe this is just my brother) grab the controller and start from before you enter the castle thingy and AGAIN defeat the boss. =.=' i NEVER played KH2 again, except to just see Roxas's end. :'( sad, sad. Roxas sort of died/went inside Sora (cuz Roxas's memories and heart is with Sora, like when he felt that Twilight Town's familiar. or when he felt sad and cried when he had to say goodbye -i cried here, seriously. KESIANNYERR!! BAYANGKAN ROXAS HAD TO LEAVE HECTOR (?) PENCE AND OLETTE, AND THEY DON'T EVEN REMEMBER HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God, I think I'm gonna cry again. especially if I see Roxas.- ) wait. why am I revealing a secret all you gamers were suppposed to figure out yourself? :/ nevermind. again, I babble a lot.

hmm. sinced I already babbled about KH2, next time it is then. or maybe I'm just too lazy to figure this out. SUGGESTIONS PLEASE. or I'm gonna babble through the next one about KH1 PULAK!!! XP

xoxo, Lynnie~

(no pics or quotes, people. dah naik malas. esok, yer??)

I need guidance towards you.

hmm lalalalalalalalalalala.

to anybody else out there who learns Japanese, what those 'kirai' mean? i think it's familiar, but i can't remember.
oh. remember now. HATE.
that's how I knew it. from a comic book

okay. so he hates. watashi wa kirai da.
he doesn't like coming back to KL. =.='
So I'm guessing he was at Perak before.
that's his hometown, BTW.
got it from his YouTube.
I wonder if he's reading this.

Oh Laila. Dah tanye ustazah dah.
die kate dulu-dulu memang berdosa. kalau ikut sunnah Nabi lah.
Tapi ade satu ustaz ni ke imam tak pasti yang besar mengatakan (argh, annoying little ant go away!) bahawa tidak salah bermain alat muzik yang bertali atau bertiup yang menghasilkan bunyi mendayu-dayu untuk kebaikan. unless you main aurat trededah, sembahyang tertinggal dan melalaikan (naik syok) memang dah berdosa. so yeah. it's okay if you want to buy a stringed piano. tapi kalau dah beli keyboard tu, nak buat apekan? :)

okay. so I collected a WHOLE bunch of comic cuts from mangas I read. since I have nothing better to do, I'll show you some. :))

SO CUTE KAN?? this is Sora. he was thinking about Kairi. *wink wink*

a picture of Natsu from Fairy Tail burning. Don't worry. It gives him even more strength. :P

ahahaha~ a line from Kingdom Hearts.




Cover of another comic by Hiro Mashima. It's Monster something.. SOUL monster soul... yea.

SO CUTE. from Monster Hunter Orage. also by Hiro Mashima. :)


ohemgee I just love this guy. what's his name again? shouhuu rikii? sumethin like dat~

what a cute way of cursing people to death~

in case you don't see the small words in Natsu's speech bubble on the left (it's right to left, people. right to left.) it says "do they taste good?!".

Natsu pun cool gak~

(ooh, it's Shiki Ryuuhou. :)) i <3 shiki ryuuhou.)

OHEMGEE GRAY! For ME?! Awww get a shirt on.


he's so HANDSOME kan???
plus his body is to DIE for.
even if he's fictional.

WAAA if it exists, i HAVE to buy it. ;)

HAHAHA from Kingdom Hearts.

AHAHAH but they're both hot, huh?
yes, I know.

ahaha. i should use this in a chat sometimes. but i wonder how. :/

LOL. read the lower one if you don't get it.

a weird way of playing Janken. (rock paper scissors)

ohemgee. Gray looks even cuter when he's angry. X3

Klakar lah Natsu nih.
and at first I thought Gray's dumb.

this is so cool.
but actually it didn't meant in anyway any of you guys would think.
i think.
again, i should use this for a chat. ;)

again. can be used for chats.
btw, Gerard did not kiss Erza.
just btw.

there was a moment i think i should've used this.
again, GRAY SO COOL.

Okay this time Natsu's shirtless.
That's because Gray just got medical attention.
and Erza's practically naked.

I could paste this on a Teacher's Day card. :))

ahahahahhahahahaha i did that. XD
ahahah well, it said... i can't remember.
and actually i saved this picture because Ryuukou looked SUPER CUTE.
don't you think? ;)

sound affects:
(right to left, again)
do do do do do do do do do
zu ki ki (is it ki? or ke? or ge? not sure. maybe even ze.)

ahahaha. again, Ryuukou is so cute yet dumb.

 Lol for the bottom part. Luvia, Luvia. you fall in love too easily.
(I pown same gak XD )
Nakma means Guild member.
guild is a place whe-
why am I explaining this?!

Who do you prefer?
:)) I prefer the middle one.
he's a smartie pants.

handsome kan??!!

AHAHA. Ryuukou pervert. last-last he said,
"It's okay. It's only woman being naked."

Oh. Irie was left with a bra and panties on.
and Ryuukou smelled Irie's shoes.

oh. I'm supposed to call him Shikii.
It sounds more Japanese. Ryuukou sounds Korean, dontcha think? ;)

well. I guess that's it. for now. will be saving more comics. :))

bye~ askum~