Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009. I'm Gonna Miss You.

so it's less than an hour to 2010. Okay. Lets start with achievements.

-Didn't get any position in class below number 15 (11 lowest)
-didn't get any D's (including Agama, yay!)
-Got into choir competition even though I'm form 1 (I'm not the only one, sure, but my voice isn't THAT good)
-Got into Musical Drama! One of about three or four form 1 students who got it! okay fine. some got into the drama itself. but imagine all the work on stage, better off stage. ;P
-Got AJK Photographer for Pandu Puteri like YAY (even though I'm not really good, but you know, I'm always getting ideas)
-bola jaring (netball).... -___- lets just say i attended about three meetings out of probably 15+. yea. that bad.
-Got teacher impressed ;) I just did my Level 4 piano exam this May/June, but my teacher's already teaching me exam songs. ;) next May/June I'm taking Level 5 exam, then Theory Grade 5 with Bakmal too. hopefully I'm skipping Level 6, then I can take my Level 7 exam after PMR, then I can concentrate on Level 8 before I can legally pay piano lessons myself. :P
-Did a lot of chores.

Okay. so now there's exactly 37 minutes to 2010. Make resolutions Lynn.

-I'll try to never get below ten for class position.
-Straight A's for PMR subjects for end of year exam.
-Be more active in Pandu Puteri and Netball.
-Will not make Mom sad.
-Will not miss any prayer.
-Will improve my Japanese. 

and last but not least..


okay will think about that later. memories of this year (ohemgee, i think i'm gonna cry).

-Meeting new friends. besties. and Hanis leaving Sri Aman. :'( that was the saddest memory for 6 months. then came sadder things. :P and the NAJ leaving Sri Aman too! and then both didn't attend hari kecemerlangan! and both not coming to hari sukan! (for SSP) >:( NEXT YEAR KENE DATANG.
-Sweet Honey Lemon. one of the greatest achievements (WAIT this is supposed to be under achievements!) promoted it as much as i could. wrote all the short stories I could. if any SHL reader is reading this, SORRY if I have ever offended you, disappointed you or left you guys waiting or wasted your time from reading my amature writing. whatever it is, I'M SORRY. still, SHL was a great success. our dream, me, Hanis and Najiya. it started from a book. a sypnosis and a few poems. a little rating and chats. evolved to this. a website, our writing there for the world wide web to read. what a miracle.
-Getting many new experiences. form 1. getting accepted for prefect then not accepted. going envy then being proud. bitching and feel being bitched. feeling left out and feeling accepted. all these. in this year.

oh. and not just that. loving and missing. hating and spitting. laughing and crying. studying and playing.
all. these. in this year 2009. and growing up. growing more mature. you may call me immature, but believe me, i was even more immature before. i miss SSP, sure, but that was supposed to be last year. time has passed. time to move on. time for change.

11 minutes to 2010. can i give more resolutions?

-improve maths so that I'll ALWAYS get A, just to secure my place in accounts. ;P
-Not play so much. get a little more serious in school and life.

5 more minutes.

-Live life to the fullest.
-Learn how to cook other than anything fried or electrically cooked.
-Respect my parents and family and friends more.
-Choose my words more carefully.

3 minutes.

I dunno what to say. I guess 2009 is just another typical year. or maybe it wasn't. it changed me to see in a different angle. or am I still the same? I dunno. But I love 2009.
Not to say I don't want to enter 2010. I'm ready for school (sort of) 2 more minutes. I'm ready to go for anything that comes and meet it half way. My heart's up for anything that's about to come. strong.


fireworks blast across the sky. i can't see it, but I know it's there.

my last resolution.

make a better year.

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