Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bandung. Shopping Heaven.

now i'm here, i don't feel like it anymore.

should i?
should i give u a large post consisting 4 days of whatever-ness?
but it's still entertaining. :)
Okay, i'll try to make it as short as possible.
(p.s, pictures will be added later, so get ready for post edits. :)
(double p.s, sorry for shl readers, haven't been writing a lot, will update as soon as possible)



So we arrived at Bandung. I slept the whole way to there, than slept all the way to Batavia Hotel. We were waiting for our fellow tourists, so i asked mom what our plan/schedule was. so here it is.

Day 1- Go to Puncak, sleep at a hotel for 1 night.
Day 2- Go to Bandung, sleep at a hotel for 1 night
Day 3- Go to Jakarta again, sleep at Batavia for one night,
Day 4- Go back home.

Obviously we stop at places and go for lunch, that was basically our sleeping schedule. :)

So we were waiting. I stared at the small gate, special for guests. Then, a family came. first, came out a guy about fifteen or sixteen. could tell they were Malaysians, but the guy was SO not cute. Then came out his family members. Includinghis brother. who looked about my age, maybe younger. okay-la. 

I thought they were from our tour, but they weren't. :P Then came out another family. I saw a fat dude first, then a cute guy about 23 y.o. with highlights behind him. OO. I saw them give their bags to the co-driver, Nur. (tour guide - Edo/Edwardo, hahaha. driver - Pak Taufiq. co-driver - Nur. a guy, btw. just in case.) :)) YAY. then he pulled out a box of ciggies from his back pocket. and so does fattie. :( smokers. what luck.

then another family comes out. this consists of a father that looks Indon himself (que pull out a ciggie box from back pocket), a short, chubby mother and two kids; one daughter about twelve, as short and chubby as her mom, and a son, about eleven, follows mom, again. but their faces are their dad's tau. :)

then another group of people came out, including two makciks, another fattie but less fat, a girl, looking a bit like one of the makciks and Highlights, chubby with a cool leather bag. AND. a guy. about 25. cap. t-shirt. *looks up* CUTE. HANDSOME. GOOD-LOOKING. WHATEVER. but here's the killer.

que slaps his butt for a box of ciggies.
well, it was nice while it lasted.

So they all entered the bus. to make it short, nothing interesting happened that day. so we'll just skip to the hotel.

It was really cool. cheap, but still NICE. very good for tourists who gets back at real late night. It's not really the best hotel i went to (shivering weather, even more shivering all-natural hill water) but the VIEW, gosh, the Puncak view wasn't what amazed me, the hotel did. they made an EFFORT. i mean, look at the playground, the gardens and trees and all that. WOW. it wasn't the best, again, but it helped me regain oxygen from all the smoke of ciggies. XP I mean seriously, almost everyone smokes here at Indonesia. they even have ciggaratte ADVERTISEMENTS. gosh.

So yea. that's supposed to be day2. :P so lets just go to day 2 already. dinner wasn't that nice anyway.

OO, before that, shopping report - Striped short sleeve dark blue blouse. bought at DSE Factory Outlet, Puncak, Jakarta.

Day 2

So day 2. Bandung, right? XP SHOPPING PARADISE! Gosh, there's not much to say. Just that I really hope i bought more. :)) Let's just skip to dinner shall we? since there's not much to say about shopping, is there? except the feeling of it. :)) okay, we'll talk about that later. see the title? yea. bandung. will post a shopping post later.

Okay, dinner. nothing really interesting about it. OH. yea. i missed Zohor and Asar. asked dad about it. Qada'-ed. don't think i don't feel bad about it, i DO! I really do! just that.. what happened happened, right? i Qada'-ed now who to decide whether it's sah is Allah S.W.T, not me not you or anybody else. 

OH OH. after a while i just imagined Caps as another typical guy, trying to have a lil holiday. wouldn't want a teenage girl to ruin it for him. got info that he seems to love his sister. really. more than Highlights. okay anyway. first, there was another outlet beside Rumah Mode. Which was Mode Plus. the Caps' family went there for a while. when we first entered, caught Highlights smoking (HAH) then went inside and helped Kak Ain pick out baby clothes. Then mom bought a handbag. and she told me to wait at the counter as she walks around looking at other stuff while waiting for the bag to get ready (? hahahha) seriously i tell you, she treats me like an effing maid. anyway, so obviously this shop is full. NOT. it was only us. the tourists from Malaysia of Bumimas. So yea. guess who lined up to pay.


So what, right? hehehehe, enjoyed the feeling of want to stare but i know that's risky. :)) Okay, second.

When we arrived at the hotel, they was no official lobby. so we stayed inside the bus. so to relax me from all the pressure of wanting to get inside and pray already, (i guess, or they're in the mood for jokes) my brother seriously annoyed me. here~


Na, Kak Ain bawak kad UNO tau.
Ha ah. ade dalam beg.
YES. Malam ni main Speed.
Orait. tapi Na! Kak Ain ade bawak kad UNO...
Tau la. =.='
*after a while* Na, Kak Ain bawak kad UNO.
Ish, annoying la. Kan na?
*high five Kak Ain* Tau takpe!
*mid-way high-five* Na, Kak Ain bawak kad UNO. 

Just then, I glanced at the back seats, had a gut feeling to do so. But what i saw brought me to a wonder.

Caps was looking at me.

So I hurriedly, as if i was just glancing past, not noticing it, looked back at Abang and laugh some more. He was looking as in the have attention looking. I don't want to say more because I tak suke perasan. jokingly boleh la but not in these situations. 

So we slept at the hotel. found a piece of paper where i put down all my wonders on. 

Shopping Report - 
Rumah Mode - a BCBG sweater. a blouse.
Toko Tiga - a Levi's bootcut, button fly light washed jeans.

Day 3

So this day was kinda boring. mostly going back to Jakarta. and Caps had bad taste today. he wore a grey t-shirt with skulls and all that, from a simple Polo shirt or jersey. HMPH. and a YELLOW cap? ew. where's
his old black one? and he seems to smoke a lil bit more today. and he seemed to exchange his mind with Highlights. and not only that, he also changed tummies (wasn't Highlight's buncit-er? but today Caps have a bigger tummy...?)

But at night he seemed hotter. 

Both him and Highlights wore black that night. ohemgee, hothothot. Highlights wore an Armani Exchange elbow length t-shirt while Caps wore a Black Water Polo shirt. he didn't wear a cap that night. *blush at gorgeous hair*

But it wasn't such a lucky night for our family. started from me missing my prayer. than the towels that came in late after called twice. than late to bus. than Mom makes a fuss out of everything in the bus. than a water leakage happened. and it hits Ayah. Lagilah mak mengamuk. Well, out of all that, i still seem to have a lil fun. :))

So obviously mom makes a big fuss out of all this. so obviously all the other customers will glance at what's happening. so obviously that includes the Caps and Highlight's family. So yeah. so what? so I'm gonna check. 

So i saw everyone was glancing at us and our menacing mother. and i pretend to eye everyone including Kak Ain and Abang (who was sitting behind Caps) I managed to pick the right timing too. just after Caps glanced at the leakage, he glanced at me. like, WTF? it was as if he wanted to see what MY reaction to this problem was. like, he wanted to read my mind, what does this girl thinks of this situation. well, buddy, i'm thinking this is all just plain bad luck and Mom's making too much a fuss about it. But my mind changed.

so obviously i wouldn't lock his stare and stare back, that's just not me. so i look back down to my food.

that night me and Abang and Kak Ain played UNO. I won once. lost badly second time. then i went to sleep.

Shopping Report : None.

Day 4

So yeah. this is starting to sound a little depressing.

Last night i dreamed that i coupled with ******. Like, we ended chats with I love you, I love you too. <3 Well, continue dreaming, buddy. Then after that i woke up for Subuh then went back to sleep to dream that School started and our musical drama this year would be Fairy Tail. THAT WOULD BE SO COOL. a musical drama from an anime. how COOL COOL COOL. 

anyway, so today we woke up as normal, early, rushing so that we'll be on time. today was the last day. i dressed the best i could. i wanted to look PRETTY for everyone to remember me as. :)) So after getting PRETTY we went downstairs for breakfast. i wondered where everybody was. then i remembered.

their flight's at night. As in, different from us.

So it was quite disappointing. i was thinking about taking a picture of everybody so that i can show who's who. but it turns out i couldn't even say goodbye.

so we finished breakfast and said goodbye to the four-ers family. (the girl's form3, actually, btw. I WAS SURPRISED.) then we went to Mangga 2. We were searching for t-shirts, you know, the ones with Jakarta or Bandung written on them. Well, they sell it upstairs. and the shops upstairs aren't open yet.

But i couldn't think much about this stuff. it's not like I'M the one who wants to buy it. i was still thinking about them. hmm... nevermind. i'll try to search for candid pix. who knows? :)

so we arrive at the airport. we said our goodbyes to Edo, Nur and Pak Taufik. then we waited for an hour so that we could get into the place where you check in. then after a few more waitings, we finally entered the aircraft. i shuffle my way in between Bakmal and Mom to seat 22C. When I reach there, I sit down and strap the seatbelt over my tummy. I'm going home.

wow. that was dramatic. well, i like to add a lil drama to my life. ;P which is why i write stories! XD

so yea. when we were a few kilometres away from home, Bakmal said..

"Bakmal berani buang handphone Bakmal dalam longkang kalau kat rumah ade electric."

You see, our house can easily black out in a thunder storm. so obviously in four days there have been a few rains. so we're worried. and Bakmal is so sure there's no electric, he bets his handphone about it. but guess what.

there's electric at home.

but Bakmal didn't throw his phone in the longkang anyway.

So yea. here's a few outlets at Bandung, Jakarta and Puncak that I recommend.

Rumah Mode - a shopping paradise. not exactly the best place for the cheapest clothes, but it's as if an everyday-discount shopping mall. 

Mode Plus - an extention for Rumah Mode. This is more mall-ish. it has discount vouchers and those stuff.

Heritage - best place for Polo shirts.

DSE Factory Outlet - a variety of choices.

Natural factory Outlet - classy clothes.

Toko Tiga - best-priced jeans.

Pasar Baru - telekung and kain.

Others - Summit. not best for anything, but okay. it's near to Heritage and Natural and a factory outlet for bag (luggage, briefcases.)

Yeah. Okay. That's it. bye~

Oh right. we also went 'down under'. yea. will explain on cbox or comment. NO. YM me. i noe sesiape yg kesah and want to know why i wrote this will hve my email. :)) plus, siape la sangat membace my humble blog ni? :') Okay. bye. askum.

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