Monday, December 28, 2009

cuz I just felt like it.

I am the queen of babbling. I sanggup update my blog for no reason before I set of to dreamland where I wish he would be in. :)

yes, just got into the niga higa craze. Nurin and Marishka talked about it almost half of the school year, and I'm just watching the videos now. =.=' and yes, I DO love the Nija Glare. :)) but this pwned thing I got was WAY funnier. OH OH is there a "How to be Emo" by them? cuz all I've heard of was just How to be Gangster and How to be Ninja. I didn't watch both. I want to watch How to be Emo. :)) just watch la~ for fun only~ sheesh. I know Laila will say something bout this. =.='

so, for two nights of sleeping in my own bedroom instead of mom's (bilik mak ade air-con! mine rosak.. :'( ) i STILL feel like sleeping in my own room. just seems BETTER. tak mengacau mak and ayah. ;)

huuuuuhh. i remembered THAT conversation and a moment I seem to suffer him. only reason was because I was typing so hard i didn't notice you were typing wanting to ask a question!!! sorry YOU!!! i didn't notice. LOL. I bet I annoyed you a bit there. :P next time use the Buzz. it has a sound. you know. that's louder than my keyboard clicking. :P

okok... guess I should just get to sleep already... so after this I'm gonna gosok tudung for tomorrow (don't trust me on getting up at seven), brush my teeth, wear facial cleanser, wash it off, ambik wuduk, sembahyang then tido. :) lately that's my every-time-before-sleep process (usually it's minus gosok tudung, and on school days its gosok baju skolah) so yea. nighty-night. :)


to YOU. ;)

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