Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Gambar Jakarta-Bandung. :))

Yeah. Here goes.

Our arrival at Jakarta Airport.


Ojek, is it??

In the bus, waiting for the other tourists

At a Batik shop where I don't recommend you go. :/ Unless you're from outer South East Asia and Batik is a hard thing to find, welcome!

Menggedik. Listening to an Indon radio.

A view taken from inside the bus.



Abang kene cucuk tanduk kerbau tempatan!!! hahaha

Me and Dad giving this poor monkey a lil charity. although, as u can see, there is a man who chained him up and used him. :( oh and the blue t-shirt kid is the Kid (adik kepada Form3 girl.)

Another visiting place.

Photography by: Mom.
Model: Me.
Place: Anjungan Jawa Tengah.

I heart Mom. <3

First makan-makan. a.k.a. lunch.

Berehat-Rehat selepas solat. <3

Minum2 after beristirehat.


Scenery <3

Posing atas katil hotel pertama.



The next morning~



Itu dia. Name hotel. Tak nampak.

Swimming Pool

Lunch... no pic before that.. ?

Toko Tiga - Jeans paradise. I love this place.


Prada~ guess where I got it? Yes, Rumah Mode!!!

Me and Bakmal


Second Hotel


The next morning~

Bus kita~

a scenery I took. :)
no permission to take it. >:)

 Going back to Jakarta. The one beside Dad is Fattie2.

Arrival at Batavia Hotel Jakarta - and so our bad luck starts.
The one in white on the right is Highlights. in the crowd, the one with yellow cap is Caps (obviously).

Abang beca, Abang Beca~ wait, it's just a bicycle la~

Anger Management Anonymous

ayah - bersabar jelah... Dugaan Allah...
Mak- if anything else happens tonight, Edo is taking the blame!!
Me- *scratch nose*


*Skipping the drama mom is giving Edo right now*


Laughing my head off

The next morning~ Ready to set home. :'( I'll miss Caps and Highlights.

Waiting to board.

Random pretty clouds.
No permission to take.

Yeah. So here's some random stuff that weren't so important to the trip.


Faham ke? Well, fahamkan jerla~

Got candid shot!

from left - Leatherbag, Caps and Highlights
Nampak ke? :/

Well, guess that's it. :)


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