Monday, December 14, 2009

going off at 5.00 a.m.

So we're waking up at 3 in the morning on Wednesday. Mandi, get dressed, pack toiletries, get into Abang Yop's van and sleep on the way to LCCT. Then just do whatever I feel like / whatever mom told me to do. Until we arrive at Bandung and I'll be asking bout when we're going to that place where everything's cheaper than it should be. :)) SHOPPING. this is MY term of shopping. getting things at a more valuable price. :)

OO OO my bro got a job at Tony Ramo's (?) at Midvalley! WOW. Congrats, Bakmal!! It's training first, RM4 per hour. Everyday including weekends. Dunno the time. Then when he's NOT  a trainie anymore he gets shifts. :) i hope this is just for part time. I hope he'll get a real job, a degree at least. I wouldn't like to see him working at a restaurant for the rest of his life. :(

Hmph. Tried talking to HIM the other day. Failed miserably. Again. the only difference is this is another person, and this time i used YM and not through Facebook. HMPH. I started it, saying Hi, then after a while he replied saying sorry and he's busy and after a while he just went offline. OH GAWD. Am I such a bad flirter? I suck at these kind of things.

OH OH HANNA!! YOU GOT A BOYFRIEND! Hafiz, iz it? OO , I wish I had your charm. :)) Well, since you already got your BF, can I borrow your charm for a while? just a little try. ;) Nolah, I'll try myself. You keep your charm. ;P

Alright. Nighty-night. Practice piano. <3 

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