Monday, December 7, 2009

googling. literally.

So last night me and Hanis chatted and suddenly Hanis came up with this whole bunch of old friends, maybe seven eight year old friends of hers. I try to say that even if i knew them, i wouldnt IMMEDIATELY know them because i dont know them well. But wtv.

So she starts remembering kindergarten friends. I remember three from mine (Hanis> I just remembered. XD)

One is Ron, a Chinese kid (i think) who i apparently only remember him with that blue shirt. And it's the shirt that he wore for the year picture, too. it's as if he always wear that shirt.

Second is Qistina. She went to SSP until standard three, where she went to God knows where. We used to have same everything-birthdate, height, stuff like that. then i grew a bit faster and she left a little short for a while. An di never kept in contact with her.

Third is this girl Dawn. Neda, her and I used to play Totally Spies when we were in standard one during recess. I miss fighting with her who gets to be Clover. Neda had always wanted Sam, and somehow i always get stuck with Alex. But nevermind. She left school after standard two, i think, and we never kept in contact. i miss her. :(

So yea.


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