Monday, December 28, 2009

I need guidance towards you.

hmm lalalalalalalalalalala.

to anybody else out there who learns Japanese, what those 'kirai' mean? i think it's familiar, but i can't remember.
oh. remember now. HATE.
that's how I knew it. from a comic book

okay. so he hates. watashi wa kirai da.
he doesn't like coming back to KL. =.='
So I'm guessing he was at Perak before.
that's his hometown, BTW.
got it from his YouTube.
I wonder if he's reading this.

Oh Laila. Dah tanye ustazah dah.
die kate dulu-dulu memang berdosa. kalau ikut sunnah Nabi lah.
Tapi ade satu ustaz ni ke imam tak pasti yang besar mengatakan (argh, annoying little ant go away!) bahawa tidak salah bermain alat muzik yang bertali atau bertiup yang menghasilkan bunyi mendayu-dayu untuk kebaikan. unless you main aurat trededah, sembahyang tertinggal dan melalaikan (naik syok) memang dah berdosa. so yeah. it's okay if you want to buy a stringed piano. tapi kalau dah beli keyboard tu, nak buat apekan? :)

okay. so I collected a WHOLE bunch of comic cuts from mangas I read. since I have nothing better to do, I'll show you some. :))

SO CUTE KAN?? this is Sora. he was thinking about Kairi. *wink wink*

a picture of Natsu from Fairy Tail burning. Don't worry. It gives him even more strength. :P

ahahaha~ a line from Kingdom Hearts.




Cover of another comic by Hiro Mashima. It's Monster something.. SOUL monster soul... yea.

SO CUTE. from Monster Hunter Orage. also by Hiro Mashima. :)


ohemgee I just love this guy. what's his name again? shouhuu rikii? sumethin like dat~

what a cute way of cursing people to death~

in case you don't see the small words in Natsu's speech bubble on the left (it's right to left, people. right to left.) it says "do they taste good?!".

Natsu pun cool gak~

(ooh, it's Shiki Ryuuhou. :)) i <3 shiki ryuuhou.)

OHEMGEE GRAY! For ME?! Awww get a shirt on.


he's so HANDSOME kan???
plus his body is to DIE for.
even if he's fictional.

WAAA if it exists, i HAVE to buy it. ;)

HAHAHA from Kingdom Hearts.

AHAHAH but they're both hot, huh?
yes, I know.

ahaha. i should use this in a chat sometimes. but i wonder how. :/

LOL. read the lower one if you don't get it.

a weird way of playing Janken. (rock paper scissors)

ohemgee. Gray looks even cuter when he's angry. X3

Klakar lah Natsu nih.
and at first I thought Gray's dumb.

this is so cool.
but actually it didn't meant in anyway any of you guys would think.
i think.
again, i should use this for a chat. ;)

again. can be used for chats.
btw, Gerard did not kiss Erza.
just btw.

there was a moment i think i should've used this.
again, GRAY SO COOL.

Okay this time Natsu's shirtless.
That's because Gray just got medical attention.
and Erza's practically naked.

I could paste this on a Teacher's Day card. :))

ahahahahhahahahaha i did that. XD
ahahah well, it said... i can't remember.
and actually i saved this picture because Ryuukou looked SUPER CUTE.
don't you think? ;)

sound affects:
(right to left, again)
do do do do do do do do do
zu ki ki (is it ki? or ke? or ge? not sure. maybe even ze.)

ahahaha. again, Ryuukou is so cute yet dumb.

 Lol for the bottom part. Luvia, Luvia. you fall in love too easily.
(I pown same gak XD )
Nakma means Guild member.
guild is a place whe-
why am I explaining this?!

Who do you prefer?
:)) I prefer the middle one.
he's a smartie pants.

handsome kan??!!

AHAHA. Ryuukou pervert. last-last he said,
"It's okay. It's only woman being naked."

Oh. Irie was left with a bra and panties on.
and Ryuukou smelled Irie's shoes.

oh. I'm supposed to call him Shikii.
It sounds more Japanese. Ryuukou sounds Korean, dontcha think? ;)

well. I guess that's it. for now. will be saving more comics. :))

bye~ askum~


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