Monday, December 28, 2009

kingdom hearts rock. it just does. (part 2)

I just thought of something.

Selena could be Kairi.

But somehow it seems wrong. I mean, the good things are there, which is

-Height is about the same as Dakota's.
-Have long hair
-Cheerful face.

But there's also the bad things.

-Not much of a Kairi type (especially voice, Selena has this tough voice which shows more energy and strength, while Kairi is more of a princess.)
-Doesn't have a Kairi look
-Who'll be Xion?!

So yeah. It needs a lot of thought.

meanwhile, Jesse seems a little perfect for Roxas, but not perfect to be matched with Dakota. So other blondies. (Please do not suggest Justin  Bieber. ew.) Gawsh this is hard. Should I just pick Dylan Sprouse? ..... EW NO. But it's a thought, you know. :/ Problem is, no GUY blondes they're showing. All GIRLS. sheesh. Huh. I give up. does Dylan and Dakota look good together? Because he's about to be Roxas. =__='

Dylan Sprouse and Roxas

So now on hold are Xion and Kairi. I'll save Sora for the last. So now we have the Organization 13. Other than Roxas, Larxene and Xion, of course. OH and RIKU. still haven't figured out who'd be perfect for him. OK OK, imagine this guy with silver hair, okay?


Josh Hutcherson and Riku

  Okay, as you give a thought about that, lets move on to the organization. Since we started with Roxas (13) then Larxene (12) I guess we should start backwards and next is Axel. :)

I gave the picture before. Skinny. Fit. red hair. lets think. AHAHAHA. Horatio from CSI Miami. Hmm. How bout that guy from Harry Potter? :/ British much? Axel talks like a white trying to act black. So ... maybe it doesn't have to be a red head. Just a guy who's skinny. AHAHAH. Nabil Raja Lawak. XP ni dah merepek-repek dah ni... =__='

OH OH. Transformers guy. bolehkan...? hmm. imagine him saying to Roxas / Dylan Sprouse, "You're wrong. I'll miss you." or, "But it's too late!" gawsh, those are the only lines I remember Axel saying. OH OH. "Name's Axel. Got it memorized?" X)) he says it to everyone he just met or asks who he is. Boleh ke.. umm.. Shia LaBeouf say it??? :/ hmm.... this needs THOUGHT.

OOH. he CAN. just imagined him doing it. he has THE power!!! muahahahaha!!! finally found the actor for Axel... =.=' *wipes sweat off forehead* Okay, who's next? 

Shia LaBeouf and Axel

So. Since I never realy cared the sequence of everybody (except I think Zexion is 8 or 6, and Vexen is 5. No no, Zexion's 8, cuz Lexaeus is 6.) hmm... WAIT I thought Larxene's 12. She's actually (I think) is 9!!! Because Marluxia is supposed to be belas-belasan and since Roxas's 13, Axel's 11, then Marluxia's 12!!! Then I think it's Demyx, then Larxene, then Zexion, (this is going upwards to 1 okay, don't get confused) then I think it's Luxord, then Lexaeus, then Vexen, then Saix, then Xigbar, then Xaldin, then Xemnas!!! hmm, somehow Xaldin doesn't seem in place. maybe Saix's number two.. hmm. terbalikkan!

man, I babble a lot.

so really, it's already out of place. hmm. I'm rethinking Shia. really, cuz Axel's a very SPICY character. fire. flames. spazzy words. just watch a trailer of it or something, and AS YOU CAN SEE, Axel is very very SPICY. very very very very. and Shia's more of a geeky, good-guy person. HMM. WHO can hold up a spazzy character??? hmm. if I can't think of anyone, or NOBODY WILL GIVE ME SUGGESTIONS (hello~ if you're my friend you wouldn't let me think by myself. even IF this isn't your industry or what ever.) then Shia it is. I mean, he's a good actor, he is. but SPAZZY? SPICY??? have to be re-thought. 

hmm. who next. i have a love-hate relationship with Demyx. he's next then.

FREAK DEMYX. Get your ghost/water/quaver-shaped menions (???) OFF ME!!!

I had to have like, 13 tries to get through. sigh. thank GOD THAT was over. NOT playing KH2 again. at least, not the parts before fight with Demyx. X)

cuz seriously, after all the hard work, and getting an easy fight with the boss (A.K.A. Ansem, or is it somebody else? can't tell. they're all silver haired. :/) you will give yourself a sigh of relief. and then after a boring credit (Re: Chain of Memories have the best credits, because they give previews for the next game. ;) ) you get excited and pumped up again when they get a letter from the King!!! then it ends. wait for it~ your achievements (how many times used trinity, etc, etc) then back to the main menu. play again? no way. switch off the ps2 and don't touch it for a few days. then maybe after 3rd day, (or maybe this is just my brother) grab the controller and start from before you enter the castle thingy and AGAIN defeat the boss. =.=' i NEVER played KH2 again, except to just see Roxas's end. :'( sad, sad. Roxas sort of died/went inside Sora (cuz Roxas's memories and heart is with Sora, like when he felt that Twilight Town's familiar. or when he felt sad and cried when he had to say goodbye -i cried here, seriously. KESIANNYERR!! BAYANGKAN ROXAS HAD TO LEAVE HECTOR (?) PENCE AND OLETTE, AND THEY DON'T EVEN REMEMBER HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God, I think I'm gonna cry again. especially if I see Roxas.- ) wait. why am I revealing a secret all you gamers were suppposed to figure out yourself? :/ nevermind. again, I babble a lot.

hmm. sinced I already babbled about KH2, next time it is then. or maybe I'm just too lazy to figure this out. SUGGESTIONS PLEASE. or I'm gonna babble through the next one about KH1 PULAK!!! XP

xoxo, Lynnie~

(no pics or quotes, people. dah naik malas. esok, yer??)

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  1. what the hell was i crapping here. i mean, i got it right for the sequence paragraph, then i said the boss fight was with Ansem. =.=' Ansem's the GOOD guy in KH2, guys, okay? don't get it wrong. the boss fight's with Xemnas. and Ansem isn't even a Nobody. =.='