Sunday, December 27, 2009

kingdom hearts rock. it just does.

OHEMGEE. i wish they really DO create a movie for Kingdom Hearts. Anime pown takpe. BECAUSE IT ROCKS TOO HARD. If it's a movie, i don't mind it being Animated or Live. If it's live, let's look at the people i'd choose to be the character...

well, personally, i thought Jesse McCrtney did a BRILLIANT job on Roxas's voice. and any other voices he makes (ie Theodore from Alvin and the Chipmunks.) so i wonder if he can act? and seeing that he's ALSO a blonde, wouldn't it be just PERFECT for the voice to be exactly the same as the game? i think it would be a good choice- if he acts, that is.


Jesse McCartney and Roxas (Twilight Town) below is Roxas Organisation

 (I <3 ROXAS)

now, for Namine. A blonde who's shorter than Jesse. Light blonde, too, not deep ones like Roxas's. i thought of Reese Witherspoon, you know, small petite lady. but she's WAY too old for Jesse. I know, i know. but shouldn't we take someone who's younger and could attract more audience?

...Hannah Montana?

she doesn't exist, i know. WHATEVER. pssh.

i also thought of the girl that did the voice of Namine. you know, the heroes blondie cheerleader. *checks first and last Seventeen magazine ever bought* HAYDEN PANETTIERE! that's her name~  but you know, takkan semua ikut the person who made the voices of the characters in the video game. hmm... *googles some more* okay, how bout those British twins? hmm. they're tall, pretty. young. too young for Jesse? if they cast one of the twins, not both, maybe that'll be a problem. hmm. *googles some more*

OHEMGEE i can't believe i didn't thought about her!!! that cute girl!!! omg, that girl... gotta get her name. *googles* (hmm. is Kairi a red head or brunnette? hm..) Dakota Fanning. gawsh. yes. she would be PERFECT as Namine. :)) too young for Jesse again? I might reconsider Jesse now... :/


Dakota Fanning and Namine

ohemgee, i just found the perfect girl for Kairi. she's not popular, but she's pretty and will be acting as Victoria in Eclipse (Twilight Saga, one of the bad vampires) OH to any Terminator Salvation fans, she also acted as Kate Connor. :))

Bryce Dallas Howard and Kairi (young) below Kairi in KH2

*ooh, i just found out how to make my seat taller. :)* 

Okay, for Riku i thought, "Ohemgee, I would love to see Josh Hutcherson's muscles." :)) (Riku's outfit is a sleeveless tee.) but then again, Josh Hutcherson. in long, silver hair. short silver hair, nice, but long? :/ sure, his hair was kinda long when he was younger but it will be silver. so i thought of other muscle-ey guys who have worn a long-hair look. Taylor Lautner, of course. but he's SO TAN. lain, lain... hmm... i just saw Zac Efron. Sora? :/ i don't like Zac Efron so much. or rather, not exactly a big fan. acting in 17 Again sucked. but it got a lot of people's attention. well, i'd prefer quality please. XP ZAC EFRON WILL NEVER BE USED IN MY DREAM-WORLD OF WANT TO BE MADE MOVIES!!! but then again, think about the lines he had that was what made the movie watchable.

"As long as we're together, it's cool, right?"

:/ Sora will be using lines like that. =.=' this is tough. *thought pushed to the back of my head* now, RIKU.

Ahah, guess what. i googled "Kingdom hearts Actors, as if the movie has been made. maybe i was hoping for a miracle. in my dreams. PSSHT.

OHEMGEE, i just thought of something. If Jesse McCartney's Roxas in KH2, that means hes Ven in KH Birth by Sleep!!! OHEMGEE, or they'll have to find a Jesse McCartney look-a-like. because by the time they're making the movie Birth by Sleep, Jesse could be MARRIED. :/

huh. she just sent me a message on Facebook. what a way to ruin my mood. :/ well, better not read it just yet.

well, here's the revision (haha, can't find a word for it) of what we got.

Namine - Dakota Fanning
Kairi - Bryce Dallas Howard
Roxas - Jesse McCartney (have to be thought back)
Sora -  Zac Efron (have to be thought back)
Riku - none just yet.

Ohemgee. Cameron Diaz can be Larxene. XD

Cameron Diaz and Larxene

Hmm.. who will be other Organisation 13 actors? hmm.

OOO Xion. a pretty girl, i have to find a good one for her.

Oh. BTW, everybody has to be white except maybe the Organistion members and that other guy other than Tidus on Destiny Islands. Not for discrimination, but don't you think it'll be weird if Kairi's black? can you imagine it? because i can't. OH and Ansem. Ansem's tan. like Taylor Lautner. maybe...?

no, we'd have to find someone older but still musculin for that. maybe Taylor can be that other guy who looks like Sasuke (Naurto) from Birth by Sleep? :))

oh Kristen Stewart as Xion? :/ hmm... nahhh. not discrimination, it's just that Xion has a happy look. Kristen has a pale, vampire, sad, emo, dull look. OH SELENA GOMEZ. why didn't i think of her? gawsh. pretty, skinny. it's either she wears a really good wig or Square Enix's gonna have to pay her a ton just to crop her hair.

Selena Gomez and Xion

okay. Axel. he has red hair. long, pointy ones. and a tattoo which i don't know is permanent? by the eyes, btw. and is really thin and skinny but still fit. :/ got any suggestions?

wait, shouldn't we think of Sora and Riku and Roxas first? yea, i think we should.

or i could take this to another post. :)) okay then, bye~ askum~


P.S, if you have any suggestions, they're welcome on the ShoutBox or comment. :) thanks~ OH and suggestions for other Organisation 13 members that I didn't mention on the post would be nice, too. thank you SO MUCH. :)) i can imagine  it (sort of) already. ;)

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