Saturday, December 5, 2009


Hanis gave me the website of this cool place where you heart pictures!!

I can't stop hearting pictures!

BTW, there isn't the full Fairy Tail on OneManga so if there's any other website where i can read manga, tell me on CBox, kay?

Life, as the title refers to. I was asked what I think of life by a random survey. I don't know. I just go through life as it is. Happy moments, sad moments.. They're all to be spent fairly. I wonder if I'm special, or maybe I'm just another typical 13 year old. I wonder about special people, how THEY live. I bet it's WAY different than me. But do we think the same things? Do we make the same decisions at certain situations? I think about me and Hanis. We're best friends. But when we do surveys or anything, most of it we'll say opposite things. Is that what friendship's all about? Having different opinions, helping each other to be a better person? I guess it is, and not just agreeing with each other and not making any changes on this ever-moving Earth.

I think about the end of the world. Ustazahs and Ustazs all tell us what will happen, what's predicted of the human feeling. Will we take a time then to think, this is what my ustazah told me about kiamat. This was what she was talking about the human beings will feel. If we don't, then all this information is a warning, isn't it? This is what you will feel if you do bad things, and this is what you will feel if you do good things. So better do good things. Why is it that human beings can't just do good things? Why do they have to be told? Of course, there's Satan. But we have concience, right? Huh, it's all so complicated.

So there's my thoughts about life. Too long to answer at the survey, though. So think about it or not, we're still human being, living, breathing. So every life counts. Even if that isn't exactly what I wanted from the beginning, knowing that my readers would never have the urge to kill (?). So gudnite~ <3     

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