Wednesday, December 2, 2009

new born baby <3

Okay, first of all, here's a link of Hanis's very funny story / post on her blog. I lurve the story. BTW, Hanis, if you want, you can share the story on SHL!!

Black Toe

Okay, so today we finally got our freedom. The computer's finally off password, the laptop is happily (and secretly) mine, at least, until tonight. Dad's coming home from Australia tonight!! It's both happy and sad news. From all the tears and shouts released yesterday, Bakmal is happy and studying again!! YAY I'm happy for him.

So just now, we went to see kak su's new born baby gurl!! Umaira dah pepandai jer, bile tanye name, she answers with her confidence, "Sharifah Alya!" But that's a name yang die pilih, bukan Kak Su ngan Abang Man pilih. pepandai jer. Anyway, the baby's SO CUTE!! Pipi die melayut and muka die merah!! Die lahir 4kg (diabetes) and ceacer (is that how you spell it?) It's where the mother has to be surgeried so that the baby could be delivered. Yea, Umaira pown macam tu. Kesian Kak Su.

BTW, GUYS. Okay fine only two, and none of them was hot, but one look so KIND and I really liked him. Okay, fine, I don't know him, and he didn't show any gestures of kindness. But you knwo. AND I TAK PRASAN OKAY. He was looking at me. Like, you know, that type of look when a makcik is telling a story adn you're listening carefully, only I wasn't saying anything. Or maybe the type of look when you laugh and you look at a person to see if their opinion is the same as yours - most probably because you care. But I'm not saying that it comes to every situation, especially this one, because he doesn't know me, i don't know him.

WHO IS HE? He is the son of my late uncle's sister. The uncle is the father of Abang Man. and Abang Man is TECHNICALLY my second cousin (long story short, my dad was sent to Abang Man's mother's family / my dad's sister/cousin so technically ALSO my dad is their adopted brother, but also their cousin. more info, ask me la, not that [i know] you guys bother) so yea. TECHNICALLY. I don't have any blood relations with him (the unknown dude) since he's coming from the father side of abang man. and he's from kedah. (my parents both from Johor) so no blood relations at all. but i've seen him before, of course, at Abang Man's sibling's weddings and stuff. Why am I babbling about this?! 

Gonna go bace manga online now... only have a few minutes left~ Askum and Tata~

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