Saturday, December 12, 2009

no replacement for you. ;)

Went to Ikea. My first aim was to just have fun and eat their meatballs, but it changed the minute I know I'll have no fun - I'm alone with Kak Ain and Abang. Impossible.

So guess what it changed to. ;) Yea, look for boys. If you follow me well, you should know by now. XD

So no really hot guys at Ikea, really. They were either old (mid twenties laa, but xkan i nak hit on guys my bro's age :P) or married (LAGILAH!!) so I had no fun there. Ate their famous Sweden meatballs :d Then went to Ikano. After a few walks and a few series of browsing through blouses at PDI Concept Store, THEN the fun begins. ;)

So like, we were walking, on our way to the parking places. You know when you go downstairs from the mall you expect nothing like Midvalley or maybe a few magazine stores like One Utama, but Ikano's different. Go downstairs, there's some more eating places and small stores.. and stuff. So yeah anyway we were walking then suddenly we heard footsteps. like, running, heavy and stuff. Then this kid, like about eleven, ran across us. He looked behind, as if he was being chased or something, so I look behind to see who was chasing him. Then I saw two more other guys, saying something like "Laptop, VAIO" or something like that, looking something like the kid just now (most probably brothers) and I look at the younger one (not the eleven year old one!!) and then he looked at me so I turned around to see them run by. Boys.

So after a while we heard some more heavy footsteps. This time they were three blonde girls, obviously foreigners, running towards a shop. When we arrive at the shop, we saw them dissapointed, saying, "It's closed No it's not, look, it says open, come in! Look, open, come in!!" They were pointing at a sign, saying that, but the doors were closed to the metals. I felt like saying, "Shut up," in a British accent they used. So we joked about it, laughing as Kak Ain immitated their accent. "Open, come in. No, It's closed, get out!" LOL. Then as we laugh, we passed by the family of the three guys. YES, THAT guy's family. ;P And I glanced at the guy I look at and he was smiling. Not at me, but still, he looked GORGEOUS. Hottie, hottie. XD And I was smiling too, laughing, to be exact, so we're even. :)

But there's no replacement for you, you're still the guy that I want to talk to everyday, but afraid to. Afraid because I'm scared I'll mess it up. What if I say something inappropriate or stupid? Then I'll totally be categorized as a dumbass in you life. I don't want that. I've already messed up before. Don't make me change my mind. Talk to me. Tell me those words I want to hear from you.

I missed you.

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