Sunday, December 13, 2009

oh oh, last for tonight. :)

I searched my name at Google and here are the results (my name jerr, inspiration from Batrisyia A. (did I spell that right? Sorry, in a hurry):

Nur Elyna Mahzan - 767 results
Elyna Mahzan - 825 results
Lynn Mahzan - 2770 results


at Bat's post, there were some names that came over 200,000 results. i wonder how that happens. maybe because the name is common. in fact, some of my results were of Azizah Mahzan, an actress. =.=' how TYPICAL.

And OMG, I read Banana Man's Blog and HE KISSED A GUY. Well, technically MADE OUT WITH A GUY. :O Like seriously, for 43 seconds (I think) it was for a dare. Like, at first he hesitated, then when he did it, he just went on with it. like, EWW. He's Canadian, thank God not Malaysian, or maybe I'll FAINT. I mean, Malaysians or maybe more to Malay people shouldn't even have experience in kissing! I don't want to go on~ Ngantuks~ So gudnite~ Again~

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