Wednesday, December 9, 2009

passport to Bandung

So just now me, my dad and Bakmal went to take pix for passport. We're going to Bandung next week and cukup-cukup jer enam bulan dah kena renew! Hahaha~ So Bakmal was acting so obviously 'i do not want to do this.' ugh. not gonna blog about him.

So when we arrived at the shop, dad said what we wanted (instant passport size, but there's no instant for passport size pictures. So we're taking the pictures tomorrow at 5. why am i telling this?) then the Chinese lady led us to the back of the shop where they take the pictures. I think I've done this a couple of times.

So i sat at the bench, trying out my best smile (which is impossible, because i don't have one. so i try my smiley-est smile, trying not to show teeth.) and then suddenly the lady went to me and betulkan my posture and tudung and stuff. Hahaha, am I NOT photogenic enough? :P So I'm gonna show how the pic turned out. Tomorrow. Insya-Allah.

Then she went behind the camera and went all, "Smile, one, two, three, smile! smile!" PFFT. Like I don't know how to smile. And when it was Bakmal's turn, ayah said to me, "Smile, smile, chikuchikuchiku..!" hahaha, lol.

Whe we got back I did some stuff. And after a shower I heard the TV downstairs was Shrek. I remember once me and Abang had a telepathy moment.


*watch TV* 1,2 or 3? *to abang*
*giggles* nothing,

So yea. Still don't know what to say to him. He's online now. Which is so unfair. Give me some time!! SHEESH. Oh yea, So practiced piano~ I felt so CONFIDENT! I'm so happy with what I played. except for Prelude C Major. Still not good with appregios (again, ?) at first I started fast and confident, then came that part and I slowed down. :(


Good thing I played that last, or I think I could've affected the other songs. Well, gudnite~ Askum~    


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