Thursday, December 31, 2009

Program Daurah Kefahaman Islam & Penghayatan Al-Quran Remaja Masjid N. Selangor

Believe it or not, that's the real name of the program. Yeah. Seriously. It was kinda sad. Even though parts of it was really fun and funny, it really was good memory.

even if i was classified as emo.
or sombong.
or outcast.

okay, maybe they don,t catogerized me, i did to myself. but whatever. in the end, i was still talking to them :)) well, except Kak Jannah. still not so much. well, don,t think ever meet her again anyway. or anybody else i'm not familiar with before. :'( how SAD.

well, i kept in contact with Kak Long, Kak Meera and Kak Alia. :) and obviously Aminah. OOH and Natrah. (she added me on facebook) hmm.

oh okay i guess i should tell how the day went.

first was normal (well, not so we wasted sometime downstairs) we read the doa, ikrar and nyanyi our typical songs (Islamic, of course) then we didn't learn. not even baca yassin (yay). we went straight to the games (sort of) Kak Long told us to say a few words but obviously, this isn't a meeting or kursus perkahwinan. so nobody volunteered or anything. so in the end Kak Long asked a few questions to some kids relating to Kak Jannah and Aliff's relationship. then we were asked our ambitions. but we stopped halfway because of the break.

Kak Long, Kak Lang and Abang Long

Aminah terpakse balik awal sebab kena jage orientation at Assunta Girl's Secondary School... :'( Oh well. she came back later. :P


during break, there was typical tea (very hot, as usual) and kuih. but there wasn't anything heavy. so i ate a plate of kuih (consists of something that looks like muffin but i know is made from gula melaka (?) yang merah tuu and karipap) plus i took a karipap from one extra plate and put the other kuih at another plate full of the same kuih. in the end those kuihs were given to the beggars upstairs.

then, when we thought we're gonna continue whatever we were doing just now, ALIFF AND THE GANG BROUGHT DOWN TWO SECRET RECIPE BOXES. :O so we went down (with Imran by my side, how ANNOYING he only wants to use my handphone. and i didn't let him. so what does he do? follow me around expecting to catch me with my handphone. SUCKER the handphone was in my bag and when i checked it i made sure he wasn't around :P ) (okay maybe i went down by myself, plus the annoying kid) then i notice everybody was gathering at the boy's eating room!so i just entered with my beloved camera~ and just took pics of the crowd and cake like anybody who bought camera did (ie Aliff and Ariz) and then we ate the cake. and then we took a picture of everybody. :)) here it is.

From right bottom - Me (:P) Anis, Ain, Najjat, Natrah, Irma. unknown. unknown. Imran. Ameer. Unknown.
From right standing - Ummi, Kak Fatin, Kak Solehah, Kak Meera, Kak Long, Kak Lang, Abang Long, Ustaz Azizul, Unknown, Unknown, Niaz, Adam (rupenye next year form 1! percaye tak?!) Unknown, Muaz
From right back- Kak Hanan, Kak Izni, Kak Jannah, Kak Alia, Ariz, Ammar, Ariff, Unknown, Unknown

so yeah. after that we went back to the eating room to say goodbye to Kak Long. :'( she had to leave early. no crying, but we sure will miss her. then we got our presents (kain sejadah yang nipis untuk travelling tu. ayah wanted it. easy for him if he goes outstation. :P) then we wrote our names for our certificate, then we went to take our bags from upstairs because we think there's other people who want to use the room and went to the meeting room. SUPERB. even though i was kinda bored, it was THE place if you have pals and want some in-the-dark fun, backgrounding Islamic songs and videos. and acquantancing teachers. :P so actually here we just did a bunch of stuff while waiting for Zohor. i understand. you can't have kids running around rumah Allah, kan? so they locked us up here. well. some perverts took their chances.

me and Kak Meera and Kak Solehah were still next to each other. and suddenly..
"Eh!" said Kak Meera. she looked under the table and some kids ran off to the table in front of us. then she pulled up her legs and sat crossed-legged on the chair. and then after a while, i felt somebody tugging on my kain. it totally freaked me out. i looked down and i saw a kopiah. i sat like Kak Meera too. after a while i watched the kids silently, eyeing the ones wearing kopiah, picking out who could be the pervert. in the end i just concluded it was the kid yang 'boleh nyanyi' tu. (his voice is like that group punye vocalist, ape, Exist?) then the lights went up and we went for Zohor. then after Zohor we had lunch!! nyum, i loved the fried chicken. small chicken, too. Ayam ape tu? ayam kampung eh? ayam kampung slalu sihat. :d and then i went back home... alalalala didudidididuu~~

so yea. btw, yesterday's tafsir Quran i already edited, then my computer hanged, so i had to restart the computer, and then when i looked at the posts, THEY DIDN'T EVEN FRIGGIN SAVE MY EDIT. so menyampah, malas nak update~ and i thought it was a good one, too! :'(

so new year's tomorrow. oh, will make a separate post for that. :)



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