Saturday, December 26, 2009

Segamat's 'Lemak dan Berkrim' Durians.

ugh. hilang pulak mood after reading BLOG POST ITU.

let's just say, i dapat kutip a very lucky durian yang jatuh pada hari itu. ;) i'm gonna share it with everyone who lives in my house.

hmm. hilang moooodddd..... all because of you. sometimes i wonder if u even want me to blog anymore. i bet u visit my blog like twice a week or something where i visit yours everyday. haish. malas lah nak layan lagi dah.

oh, last message to you. you remember CHW?? the guy that creeped me out and u said that i'm gonna marry that fat chinese guy?

he's really creeping me out now.

he said don't go. don't leave me. like FTW? gawsh. i just went offline at facebook. i am happy i did not give him my YM ID. what a EFFING WEIRDO.

meh. i couldn't even read your SHL post. i dah menyampah kowt. grow up? grow up? grow up. grow up. grow up.

how simple. nevermind. i don't think i care anymore. well, thanks for giving him anyway. i don't love him. i really don't. he is a weirdo. who loves a weirdo?

nobody. not me. but i have a crush on him. typical, right? teenagers who doesn't get exposed to boys every single day other than my brothers. you wouldn't understand. like how you call him gay. i'd have to be in a co-ed school to understand. you're right. and you need to be in a girl's school to understand how I feel, buddy.

well, banyak sangat cakap you bukan layan pown ka? dahla, lynn. udah udah la tu. biarla die. she's her. you're you.

huh okay. i REALLY need Dad's handphone. a girl like me needs one of those. whenever i get an idea, i can just type it in. than change it into microsoft words then post it on SHL. i typed something out, but that single paragraph was what i like most.the rest was kinda like shit. that paragraph was the only reason i didn't delete that story. haish. i wrote a bunch of things in there, really. takut pulak kalau ayah bace. ;P

i just loved Segamat. it was so GREEN. i wonder why Pak Cik Pitt's daughters don't get good results. with an environment like that, everytime you come home, don't you just feel RELAXED?

BTW, Ikin got her highlights in. Following Farah's steps, i see. well, better than Fatin, right? I sebenarnya kesian kat die tu. she's such a NICE GIRL. but she WEARS BOYS CLOTHES. crops her HAIR SHORT. i even wonder where her boobs have gone. she's seventeen. takde siape boleh melarang dah. haish.

tapi daripada jadi macam yang lain pown susah gak (ie, short shorts, tight clothing and jeans and like before, highlights.) hmm. i don't wanna bitch about my cousins lah. cousins lah pulak.

oh oh... takpelah.

well. i'm not about to say anything bout him anymore. i have my reasons. not heart broken at all. but starting from today.. well, i'm not going to send him offline messages anymore. but i DO hope he's online when i come online. and one day he creeped me out.

hmm. i think he likes YOU, hanis. and somehow, i don't care. i've been through this so many times. i don't care anymore. haish. i don't think i should've. i really don't know. haish. haish. haish.

God, Lynn. saying haish a million times wont solve your problem. never will.
so u're saying i should just confront her? i'm not that type of person, conscious. (?) if this was kingdom hearts, i would be Riku who just doesn't have a stronger heart than Sora, and she's Sora, the hero who would save the world, the one that have friends who isn't evil, the one who's heart is pure-er. or maybe I'm Roxas, i have to go so that Sora could live. no. that's not the situation. i'm Riku. She's Sora. but can she keep a smile to be on the Gummi Ship? i would hold a longer smile, i would. but other than that, she's definitely Sora.


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