Tuesday, December 29, 2009

tafsir Quran11.

so today we had amali Solat. hmm. i was thinking about blogging a lot but now i'm just PLAIN LAZY. so yea. NO HAFALING YASSIN TODAY!!! :)) we just read it. and kesian kat Alif/unfair much? he had to do a lot of things. like baca doa lepas bace yassin. baca iqamat dan azan. imamkan amali solat dua/Subuh. and his friend Aris (izit?) didn't do a thing ever since he entered this thing.
oh. except bace a line from yesterdays notes.

and then we played that was sumthin like bingo and i had to osom with this random kid to decide which team (girls or boys) will start first. i lost. 5-3. biarla. i tried.

then Kak Meera and Kak Izni totally almost forced me to do a question. got an easy one. brape kah nabi dan rasul yang perlu kita ingat. duuhh. 25. only an eight year old kid would not know the answer to this. full marks 2 please~

then whatever whatever~ oh during break i wrote this lil craziness.

He's a drug.
Without him, I can't sit still. I can't be myself.
I'm not me.
Talking to him is heroin itself.
Laughing to what he says is ecstasy.
without him is dying.
my heart pumps as he types every word.
I'm getting drowsy. Where is he? Where is he? I need him. I need a sniff of his charm.
I fall on my bed as my head spin from the need.
Come on. I need you. I'm addicted.
I'm addicted to this drug.
The drug is him.

I was writing it while I was bored. there's another which is less stupid (I think this is kinda dumb. :P ) so I'm gonna post on SHL. :))

well. guess that's it. OH had a conversation with hanis and athirah. haish. those girls ahh.

hmm. seems like the school holidays just started yesterday. hui wei and hidayah cried. the most unexpected out of all people!! hui wei being a bitch (haha, just joking) (not really) and hidayah being a total lesbian stalker!!! and they CRIED. omgee. so yeah. next year only seeing Laila and Lea in 2G. :'( these are my besties who AREN'T gonna be in my class.

Adilah Aishah binti Khushairi - 2D just cuz she didn't attend the end year exam! she got chicken pox!!! i swear Adilah will obviously get the higher position in class next year. ;)

Mas Nurin Nasuha binti Mas F... something. - 2B. :'(  it's not a bad class, really!!! plus, its the same as Marishka's. ;)

Cassandra Lee binti Mohammad Aris Lee - 2H. SMARTY PANTS.

Hanna Hanafiah a.k.a. Nurul Farhanna binti Hanafiah (:P) - 2H. ahaha, u feel stupid already knowing the other people in your class? dude, you're just as smart as they are, elf.

Talya MF - 2A. same as Elyza. which doesn't convince me this is the last class either, even if Talya always gets last. :P plus, seriously? they bitch about you? GAWD i hate some of the 1C-ers of 2009. >:(

Syahira 1E - 2E. ahaha, same as this year. aww, not same class as u, babe. :( JAPANESE BUDDY

so yeah. and people that I know who's gonna enter my class -

Kaiyisha Zawawi 1D
umm.. siape lagi ekk? the only reason i ca-- nahh, wont say it. kan, Lea?? ;))

yeah well. happy new years everyone. early on two to three days. but nevermind. cant wait to see the girls again, but i bet i wish it was the school holidays after learning science. had a sneak preview. OHEMGEE we're gonna learn skin cells!!! and there's a lot of 'em. they labled it to what, about ten or nine? O.o i'm gonna hate science this year. differenciating (?) between cytoplasm and chloroplast for me is tough enough. i should be happy i got number 8 for end year. i thought i'd never be getting top ten after getting a B for ENGLISH!!! i mean seriously, we didn't even learn the format of doing part C!!! Pn. P keep telling us to understand the story, bla bla bla, react, bla bla bla, and then fill in the blanks. o.O what are we? eight? unless its grammar, of course. :)) and it was so funny reacting How Dalat got its Name. seriously. Cassandra WANTED to be Nenek Kebayan. XD ahahha, she did a gud job too. ohno, that's the BM komsas thing. we didnt do acting for Dalat. wait, we did. but i only remember the first part being acted! hmm.... I'm so forgetful. but I guess i remembered it because Aimi was the King! :)) AHAHAHA.

okay. babbling again. gudbye for now peepol of earth!!! askum~


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