Tuesday, December 8, 2009

tafsir Quran2.

so today we got F/Cs and an Ustaz gave us a funny ceramah/starter. we went into classes inside the masjid. it's upstairs on the third floor and there's SIX of 'em. bile nak pakai bnyk sngt??? i slept in class (well, mamai/ghalib/ ngantuk) so i had to ask Aminah later what ustazah told us to do. so yea,  HOW STUPID OF ME.

i dunno why, but i didnt expect them to separate us by gender. mayb because of FORM 2 GUY. hahha, lols. today he came late and missed the funny ceramah. he went into our class to borrow a chair. he got home late same as me, and saw me go off in Merc. how embarrassing.

Well, not concentrating on him much. nis, u noe why. ;)

Oh yea, i'd like to update on my musical progress. :))

Prelude on C Major - new song so still can't get used to appregios (is that what it's called??). i hope i'll get better. haven't even started using expressions and pedal. in fact, don't even know if used!! hahaha, i really don't care bout this song...

Etude - new exam song. really nice and sweet, but it's so shallow that if u just hear it plainly, u'll get bored rather than get into the song maybe make your heart beat slightly faster. notes are getting better, easier for me to learn new songs. :P

Thank You Mrs. Bach - finished the whole song. SO TOUGH!! it's so weird and unpleasent to hear, i dont even WANT to play it. but it's exam song, so u noe.

Hanon - at Number 14. DOING IT FAST! YAY. i think it's because last week kan cancel so i feel like i've been practicing for weeks. it's actually a week and a half. :P

yea, dat's it. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? i can't . okay, mayb i can. :D okay, tata, askum.

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