Wednesday, December 9, 2009

tafsir Quran3

So today I went with jeans. Nothing wrong with it. Still tutp aurat. I searched for my most loose jeans and try top labuhkan tudung as much as possible and tuck my shirt down a few times when i stand up. and yet uztazah a.k.a. Kak Lang didn't seem to approve. she told me to wear baju kurung tomorrow. FINE. I'll wear the pink baju kurung i wore on Monday. :))

So today we had to lafaz Yaasin. Apparently, i cuti today. So i couldn't hafal. i tried to hafal in my heart, but it was tough because i couldn't say it out loud and my ears couldn't catch it. So i got two sentences. Okay la tu.

Surah Yaasin Hafazan Progress-

Yaasin. Wal qur a~ nil hakim. Inn nakalaminal mursalin. Ala siratil mustaqim. Tan zizal azizir rahim. Tun ~~~~ Okay fine. tak brape hafal sngt. :P

And then was break. after that we belajar Feqah. Belajar air mutlak and berwuduk (there's standard one kids in the class!! don't misunderstand..) Then we berzikir and then we lafaz yaasin again (just to past time, really.) then the people who could went to solat Zohor. me and Aminah ponteng (yea right. actually we both can't. i wish she still can't tomorrow. :D) We talk about girl stuff (okay fine, crushes) then when everybody finished we went downstairs. Aminah's supposed to go home walking but she wanted to stay a while, so i got a teman too!! killing two birds with one stone. :D okay killing's bad. how bout hitting? :D haish.. orang putih ni pandai dera binatang jer.. XD JOKE.

Anyway, we were looking around, bored, then we saw this old man wearing his belt by the shoe racks. like OMGEE. this is the MOSQUE for God's sake. go upstairs and you'll find a toilet. SHEESH. we giggled so hard. then we talked about the form 2 boys. here's the version sort of translated... HEEHEE


Hey, there's a new form 2 guy, right? the taller one? 
yup. You know, i don't like that orange shirt one. he's so freakin' ego. when he enters the hall, he's like, look at me, i'm so handsome and macho. prasan. takdelah hensem sangat.
Hmm... (THAT is the form 2 guy i've been talking about before. so i didn't comment bout him. haha. somethings aren't meant to be said.)  
Aduh. Boleh pulak diri-diri kat situ (at the front door. i dunno why it disturbs her)
I dunno. At least we have something to look at. :)) <---- trying to give different opinion.
Bising ahh. Boleh belah tak? (just between us)
Biarlah. *roll eyes* 

So yea. dat's it with form 2 guys. nvrmind. i don't care bout them anymore. not because of Aminah. because i never actually did. 

Hmm. I wish I had something to say to HIM. If I did, when he comes online at least I could say something that would have reason. Hmm. Comment suggestions. Askum~   


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