Thursday, December 10, 2009

tafsir Quran4

funny link from Hanis. FUNNY

Anyway, today was normal. Found out that the 'ego' guy from before actually entered a smart school. hmm. wonder which one. when Aminah told me this, I just pretended to agree, like, Oh, patutlah ego skit. Whatever.

So I watched Wizards of Waverly Places the Movie just now (I know, late. haven't been watching a lot of TV lately.) And i CRIED. TWICE. Once was when Justin and Alex went all aww-part and second was when Alex won and Justin couldn't remember her. :'( BTW, David Henrie hottie with a six pack! XD

So a kid, anak NAZIR masjid VOMITED today. :O Kak Jannah concluded she had food poisoning. Well, that's it. It's been a boring day. Let's have a cup of matcha sometime, shall we? :) Love you guys~

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