Tuesday, December 15, 2009

tafsir Quran5.

So today we hafal Yaasin. I'm WAY back. people are already hafal-ing ayat 17-19 and I'm stuck at 10. =.=

OH and got more info of form2-guy. Okay, here's how the story started...

I was trying to solve the impossible sudoku I brought from home, when Kak Long entered the classroom with a boy about eight years old. She said that this boy is very good, he can tell how to take wudu' in English. O-kaay, let's see him try to impress me. *raises eyebrows a few quick times*

He did not. I mean, what kind of English is that? Take the water and stuff it in your ear? Gawd, STUFF? Like you can't find a better sentence. -__-' Okay, I'll give him credit of inserting the sound effects for the pipes and water. (squek, pessshhhh, pshht) But yeah. I think a kid from SSP would do better.

Anyway, when the other kids from other classes were gathering in our class for zikir, (yes, including the form2's. *roll eyes*) I heard a conversation from Kak Alya (a form 2) and Kak Solehah (a form 4, anak Ustaz Azizul) about you-know-who. :)

A: Kak, nampak tak budak t-shirt putih tu? (the form 2 guy)
S: Hah, kenape?
A: Rupe die same kan ngan budak yang buat air wudu' tu?
S: Ha ah ek.
A: Itulah agaknye budak yang die cakap cousin die tu. Nampak tak budak kopiah hitam tu?
S: Mane?
A: Ala, yang kat belakang budak pakai t-shirt lengan hijau tu..
S: Oh ye, ha ah. Kenape?
A: Itu pown rupe cam die kan? Adik-beradik kowt.
S: Ah yelah. semua rupe same.
A: Yang budak t-shirt putih tu kan?
S: Ha ah?
A: Itulah budak yang Jannah suke tu!
S: Heh?

Kak Jannah, BTW is another form2 girl. She's quite pretty, but when she doesn't smile, she looks sombong. Like me. :)

Haha, I drew her once when we both had our periods and I was damn bored. Pretty, slim, likes cats even when she's allergic to them. Every guy's dreams.

So yeah. So mase balik me and Aminah had a chat. I asked if Kak Jannah had any crushes that they told her. She said yea, a guy from La Salle and I was like, ??? And I asked her if she's sure that his brother told her that the form2 guy's from a smart school and she's like, yea. Then I asked her if she's sure they said he's from La Salle and she's like, Tak tau la, diorang pun cakap macam tak serious, lepas cakap ketawa. So I don't know if it's still a mystery or what. I'm gonna do some investigating. ;)

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